Thursday, June 5, 2014

Throw Back Thursday - The Lucky Charms Tree **UPDATED**

About 2 x the approximately size, 1984
When my son was about 4 we saved box tops from Lucky Charms cereal and sent them in for a teeny tiny pine tree.   We sent in our box tops and I am sure with some postage and handling money and waited to our prize to arrive.   Finally this little itty bitty little tree the size of your little finger
Summer 2005 after my son and I  transplanted  it
from the back corner of the yard
came in return mail.    So me and my three little ones planted the tree in the far back
corner of the property......and watched and weeded around it and watched it grow so slowly, never seeming to get any bigger.   One day we found out why it was growing soooooo slowly.....seems Mr. Wonderful didn't know there was a tree growing and would just run the lawn mower over it every week or so!!    (No. 1 Reason I preferred to cut the grass and not him.   No further evidence was needed as to what happened to other plants.) We took rocks and arranged around the little bitty thing and let it be safe from the nasty lawnmower.   This tree has been a landmark in the yard.
Winter 2006 - Oh no poor little tree, please survive the winter

Spring, 2014

We have pine cones this year!

It has become a nice 'screen' between my pool deck and the neighbors deck - now with 5 children under 8!

So, now 30 years and one transplant later, the Lucky Charms tree grows tall and strong and is currently  home to a next of baby robins....but with Buddy the cat, maybe not for much longer.  Over the years and to this day when I am relaying to my kids where something all relates to where is it in proximity to the Lucky Charms Tree!

"let's have a picnic"
"by the Lucky Charms tree"

"I lost my keys"
"Where were you when you last had them"
"by the Lucky Charms tree"

"I want to plant some flowers"
"around the Lucky Charms tree"

"Where's your brother?"
"Hiding behind the Lucky Charms tree."

"Help me put up the holiday lights"
"What trees in the yard to you want to decorate"
"Let's put christmas lights on the Lucky Charms tree"

I received an email from General Mills today asking if they could share my story of the Lucky Charms Tree on their social media page and they sent me a copy of the box with the free tree offer.  This is just too funny and has me sending emails across the country to my children.  I had intended to add a photo of my son then and now but just didn't take the time to did through the box of photos.....I think I will now.    I am grinning from ear to ear.  Check out the box offer!  


Robin said...

What a gorgeous lucky charm tree!

Robin in Virginia

cucki said...

Aww such a sweet post my dear
Happy hugs x