Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lots going on but little time to share

Just like the title says.....I've got lots to share but no time to post!   So here is a super quick update on a couple of things.......check this living room.  If you put 2 and 2 together and realize no furniture here means it is shoved somewhere else, you get the gold star!   After not biting the bullet for the last few years, I finally have committed to having my floors refinished in my living room, dining area, halls and stairs.  I timed it for when Mr. W. would be on the road 'so as not to inconvenience' him.   Out the door he went early on Friday the 13th for 8 weeks......but not without me having him help me move all the furniture.

I hope to sit in this same spot in three weeks and show you both a glorious floor and a newly painted living room.
 Say goodbye to ugly, worn floors.

Guess I should think about replacing the two missing balusters too.

Two weeks after the floors, I am having the whole area painted.   So I kind of have been living from one corner of the sofa in the family room.  It leads to two things......a good way to clean out cabinets and closets and the desire to update some things.    Been searching the Internet for 'looks' and did a bit of consignment shopping yesterday.   I found what I thought might be a good coffee table but left the store without purchasing it........I mulled it around last night and decided the piece is multifunctional and if not used as a coffee table, it will work somewhere else.   So I will be heading back to be at their doors when they open at noon with my fingers crossed that my hesitation is not my loss and no one bought it between 3 p.m. yesterday and noon today.  

And I have been really trying to burn up the needle with Grace Mason.   I am getting there.   Pardon her wrinkles from my q-snaps.

I am alternating between stitching the motifs across the bottom with the over one initials.  They are time consuming and what's better than stitching over one?   We all know, ripping over one.   Let's hope there is not too much of that in my future.

So glad I have been able to stick to my pledge to stitch on only one piece at a time and to stitch from stash.   That's the temptation fellow stitchers....all the fabulous designs we see and trying to keep that resolve.   I gently remind myself of my S.T.A.B.L.E. Stash and exactly how many projects are kitted up and just waiting for me to start.

Next up - work, summer, yard saling, my visit to the Downton Abbey exhibit at Winterthur.....yadda, yadda, yadda and now I am on my way outside to vacuum the pool, pull some weeds and  enjoy the day AND  to head back to the consignment store for the bench I saw and maybe the floor lamp too.


Robin said...

Hope the bench/table is still there! Looking forward to seeing your new floors and paint job! Grace is looking really good!

Enjoy the coming week!

Robin in Virginia

cucki said...

Good luck dear...
Beautiful stitching...
Hugs and love xxx

stitchersanon said...

It is a nightmare job isnt it, but will be worth it when it is done!