Sunday, June 22, 2014

A quick fly by...

Things are going well with my household updates.   Floors done, painting scheduled and a long to-do list turned over to the contractor for an estimate.  What a relief that has been to move 'jobs' off my to-do list and to the professional!   Mr. W. won't recognize the place when he returns.

Backing up  a few days first.....floors sanded and ready to go.    I have a taste of living like a hoarder with the cat's dish and litter box in my bedroom and the overflow of furnishing moved shoved into any available space.

Earlier this week, I spent two hours and twenty-seven minutes on hold with Yahoo! and never got to talk to a person.   One of the websites I manage for a non-profit has been compromised.  Online help keeps sending me in a loop with the end result of wanting to send an email to the email address on file WHICH IS NOW NOT MINE!  So, see I do need to talk to a person at the other end of the line and, no offense, hopefully located in this country.  Plan to try again today.....perhaps on Sunday their call volume will not be as high as on a week night.  I passed the time reading and playing Mahjong and trust me while not getting irritated there is only so much time a person can play Mahjong.

Also a bit of retail therapy for me.   I hit some antique and consignment shops locally as well as headed to Lancaster County PA for some shopping.   Got some great deals on some things, 10% knocked off others and bartered $20 off another.   Some I might have paid too much for, but definitely got steals on others so overall I was a winner.  Starting left to right......cute maple end table/night stand for $30, a Martha Washington sewing stand which I negotiated $20 off,  some accessories, a wrought iron floor lamp, in front of the bench a chalkboard for my kitchen, the distressed bench and a J. P. Coats cabinet for 10% off.

 (Look how pretty my floors are!!)
The chalkboard is a cabinet door with the recessed portioned painted with chalkboard paint.   People are clever!

Love the circular hanging mirror with the little bird at the top.

A couple of colorful pieces for accent and had to snag the buttons for the Rosewood Manor Barnwood Buttons 'next up' stitching piece.

Love the bench.....originally thought I'd use it as a coffee table but really like the look of it on my front porch.   If I were to paint door and shutters black next summer it will tie this piece to the porch for sure.

The J. P. Coats cabinet I am sure it not authentic but I do believe it is old or at least constructed with older wood and I did pay less than asking price.  I buy what appeals to me regardless of age and I didn't want the regret of not buying this like the one I let slip through my hands a few years ago.    I hope to line the drawers with felt and I know I can make good use of it.

Last bargain, the wrought iron floor lamp for $35.   Not a particular fan of the beaded shade but I can work on that.

So that's me this week.   Minor stitching done.   I seem to have slowed to a snails pace on that front with no stitching today for me.   Dust and clutter is everywhere. I hope to put things back in the two hall closets today which will alleviate some of the mess in my bedroom and sooth my soul a bit.   have promised myself to use an honest and critical eye when returning items to each closet.    Hopefully that yard sale/Goodwill pile will grow today!


Cathy said...

Everything looks great! Isn't it fun to change things around once in a while? I love all of your antique store finds. Finding a treasure in one of those places always makes me happy.

Robin said...

What wonderful treasures you found! I really like your bench and the oval mirror with bird. Your floors look fabulous. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Robin in Virginia

moosecraft said...

Those floors are absolutely gorgeous! Such a huge undertaking and it's now done and ready to enjoy! Love the spool cabinet... I hope to own one some day.... and the 2 drawer one looks to be the perfect size! I think I hear Lancaster calling my name... ;-)

cucki said...

Wow lovely treasure you found :)
Super sweet.
Sending you big hugs x

Lynn said...

I got my spool chest at the Black Angus antique mall, love yours! The floors are great, and I'm so sorry Yahoo is such a pain.

Catherine said...

Looks fabulous and love all of your finds!