Saturday, February 17, 2007

Oh my goodness, where does the time go?

Of course, like so many things we all do, I needed to have a Blog. I had to have a Blog. My daughter helped create it and then there is sat. I had my Blog and let it sit out in cyberspace all alone and neglected. Perhaps that is why I never had a puppy. It could be that my Blogging ties in with my stitching. I haven't put needle to fabric since Christmas. I am feeling the lack of center in my life. So instead of sitting at the computer and entertaining myself with mindless games on Pogo, I need to get my nimble little fingers in gear. Heaven knows I have quite a few started projects and twice as many more that I want to start. I made that promise all us crafters do..... I promised, on my honor, that I will not buy any more projects to add to my stash until I complete something. I further promise, on my honor, that I will not start one new project until I complete one... and let's see how far into the year I can last.
As an aside, I love Pogo! for the way it allows me to unwind. Don't seem to get much else done when I get into a Pogo frenzy. Seems odd that I would like to unwind at a computer after sitting at one all day at work. But it is a far cry from a deadline or people hovering over you. I have been doing quite well and have kept up with the badges so far for 2007. For those of you not familiar, Pogo is an online game site. You can play anything from Chess to Checkers to Blackjack or Slingo or Hearts and much more. You earn points or tokens. Each week, two or more specials will be going on. If you complete the task required for the special, you get extra points and a badge for that game. You have an album where you keep these badges. This is sad that I know that much about this! I kind of rationalize it that as I cooked, cleaned and diapered others were playing Intellivision. It is now my time to be a gaming aficionado. Now that word should impress my librarian daughter. But I digress....

So I found a funny thing out there on the net as I was looking for information on the Stitching Festival. Just put 'stitching festival' in the address bar and let the search engine do the rest. There is a hit for " Gumble - A Cross Stitch in Time". This is the recounting of a trip to a cross stitch convention by a guy trying to impress his girlfriend. Well written and quite funny. I can just see the poor bastard sitting there with the other husbands. I guess that makes up for the countless Sundays wives are abandoned for football.

We are a strange brood us creative types.

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SparkCrafted said...

for your information, i was looking at the freakin' squirrels that were plotting plane rides to the Orient. :-P

glad you rediscovered the blog. maybe you can combine Pogo and blogging for Bloggo? or is that too close to blotto?