Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday de-Stressing

I am so fortunate to have saved a couple of days vacation. I am now off until the 29th and do I need it . Work - I love my job - but the workload is heavy, the interruptions many, the stress level high and there are too too many fires that crop up each day that need to be put out. Sure I'm just an Admin but there are times that I seem to be the Admin everyone goes to because they know I will have or get the answer. Great! I am responsible so I get responsibility.

At last posting I was worried about my loan applications for work. All five have been completed, the exhibits pulled and everything was left with one of girls who works for me to copy and bind. When I do return to work, most will be off still so in addition to putting in an hour a day at home over the break to catch up, a week with little or no interruptions will help me put my best foot forward for the new year.

But anyway.....that is the work for my real family.........

One daughter is on her way trekking the interstate through snowy New England. We hope to see her around 6 tonight. She will be here for a 8 days. That will be so nice! Eldest daughter has been sick and has been on edge worrying about the economy and threatened layoffs at her job. She thinks it could go either way.......but did get a reprieve and found out she is good until June 30 at least. Her husband started a new job and is very happy as we are for him! Yeah Mikey! My son, who was out of work for close to a year, now has been working again since the end of September. Thank heavens he got a job before the economy took its turn for the worse. Never having been out of work, except by choice, I can't imagine how devastating it is to keep putting yourself out there and getting the thanks but no thanks. He tried and succeeded for the most part in keeping his desperateness from me. It is hard to not know what the right thing to say is. We finally did have a heart to heart and I explained that althougth he was trying to keep the pain from his father and I, it appeared to us that he was appathetic and just floundering along. There can be a fine line between encouragement and nagging. Thankfully, all are employed, all are healthy and all is well.

So for all the things I thought I would not get done I say Bah Humbug! I decorated the house today as well as cleaned. The beds are made up for when my family arrives. Tomorrow I will grocery shop and bake cookies all day long! All that will leave is to wrap. I feel that will take all of Monday. Now that we have a 6 year step grandson, I can no longer put out the packages ahead of time so wrapping in the upstairs spare bedroom it will be. For now, he thinks I am working on a glass project and don't want him to get hurt on my tools. Oh the shame of it and how trusting little ones can be. He, of course, thinks I walk on water.

But anyway, the the point is to not stress out. It will all get done. It always does. Maybe a little of lowering the expectations along the way so as to not overwhelm ourselves. I mean who really puts up three full size Christmas trees and who really notices that every towel is folded the same way and every magazine is tilted at just the same angle and that all the holiday bows throughout the house match! I mean, I need to get a life and not be so absorbed in appearances. Really, who will see it other than my children and they have to like me!

........for now, I have my to-do list and for the most part content with my progress. As for the list, I have a perpetual list! What's that all about? Some never have a list and get along fine............I need to refer to the above paragraph about expectations and take my own advise.

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