Sunday, January 25, 2009

Break a leg........

The Arts Alliance (SCAARTS), of which I am a member, produced a Mystery Dinner Theater event this weekend. We were sold out! This is a first for SCAARTS. People still love Elvis! Our success is much to the credit of our performers who have their own following. ** See our star in action **

As with anything, not to diminish the excellent performers, the show itself is almost anti-climatic for me. My work starts on the drawing board with the other board members. We think about concepts, dates, casts, menus, lighting, sound, advertising. Then there is the running around to pick up plates and napkins, favors, table clothes, lights, centerpieces. (One new member traveled with her husband to three states to get the foil covered chocolates that looked like playing cards - you go Maureen!) This is followed by a long evening of pulling out tables and chairs to set and decorate the room, to place centerpieces and favors. You get the picture.

So again, not to take away from the great performances, the generousity of the patrons, the great food, I am and will always be a behind the scenes worker and have no desire to be under the spotlight. Rather if I think it is coming my way, I will shrink into the woodwork. It is just not me to want to call attention to myself. I can not give enough praise to those who can take the stage and perform and entertain the rest of us. For myself, I will continue to stay behind the scenes doing whatever I can to help those who do perform put on a show with my fingers crossed that all goes well. I guess the point is that many people contribute to a success and one should never diminish their contribution.

All and all it was a great event for SCARTS and hopefully we are on our way to establishing a standard annual calendar of events and, with that, create a larger following.

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