Saturday, March 28, 2009

Facebook and weekly stitching progress

Whew! I am new to Facebook and wow, does it consume time. I sit to see what plant or cocktail someone has sent me and before I know it, I look at the clock and 45 minutes or MORE have past. After this initial, Oh this is pretty neat tour around Facebook, I am backing off. I mean yes it is cool, but I have work to do, people to see and the need to stitch. Given the choice of how to spend 45 minutes, I would rather stitch. To each his own. For about three weeks, I did feel like I was back in High School - checking out who is talking to who and who is talking's all good and has it's place........but I'd rather stitch. As for Facebook, will I continue, yes, but in moderation. Probably next time I log in my Lil' Green Patch will be overrun with squirrels, leaves, new plants and who knows what and I will have 5 Cause invitations and many Cocktails at noon waiting for me.

Now, as for stitching............this is what I have been up to. My guild is working on a class project which we picked up at the last meeting. It is the Petite Sampler Etui. We all got the schedule of what we need to complete each mmonth. I do not want to fall behind and have dedicated one hour each day to this project......see the problem with the 45 minutes plus on Facebook? Here are two pictures of week 1 and week 2 progress.

Week One - A Petit Sampling Etui

Week Two - A Petit Sampling Etui - Look close - Worked on the strawberries in Queen Stitch

Week ? plus 1 - This is what I work on a lunchtime at work.

Week ? plus 2

This week....stitch*sttich*stitch

Not much progress week three so here is week four. Week three was spent with evening meetings or in the yard enjoying the weather and getting the yard and gardens ready and some painting in the house instead. Rain expected today and tomorrow so the stitching could be plentiful. I hope to complete the strawberries and at least the "M". I do dislike the stitching over one so that will explain the erratic route I take with working the alphabet. Guild tomorrow and I need to tidy the piece up a bit before our meeting. Most likely even though I think I have been feverishly stitching and have made considerable progress, most of the gals will probably be done the whole side! It is disheartening because I think I put in a lot of time and I feel like I am making good progress......then that old barometer of your progress.....the status of the others! Oh well, it is what it is and my progress is my progress.

Week 4 of the Petite Etui (4/9/09)

Week 4X of the Quaker inspired piece

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