Friday, May 8, 2009


It is not bad enough you have to get into the mood and muster up the courage to have to shop for clothes.....the fluorescent lights, doors that don't lock, the next ingenue who is size 2 wanting in, the pins and little plastic clips all over the floor for you step on, not to mention the mirrors on all sides that just accentuate the dimples in your thighs. Then there is the grabbing of your size off the rack that now must be being made with the pre-requisite of first putting on a corset. It has to be the humidity in my closet that the girls at work are now believing is in their closets too......the humidity does something during the off season to my clothes. How else can one explain that things that fit last summer are now tight. Humidity! enemy of soft silky hair and purveyor of frizzies. This is the ritual for just buying clothes for the current season, clothes to augment your wardrobe, not even bathing suit shopping which is the ultimate insult in dressing rooms.

So I am being bugged....have you got your dress yet??? (for the Aug 28th wedding) What's the big deal? I seem to have wrongly assumed that I can get something off the rack from Macy's or JC Penney's.......well dress me wrong. Apparently that is not what is done and the practical side of me that is already thinking.....hmm, where else can I wear this dress of all dresses...... Yes, I want to look nice and yes, I only have one son and yes, this his is one and only wedding or that is the plan as the lovebirds walk around in the bliss of young love. Well after several nights of internet searching, prodding of my husband to get a tux, all I find is matronly, I mean MATRONLY dresses my grandmother would wear. So I am discouraged for the styles I find, for the fact that I haven't lost the one of the 15 pounds I promised and because apparently these high dollar, looking like coffin lining, dresses to be worn by Aunt Clara of (the original) Bewitched need to be selected 4 to 6 months ahead. I think I am going to Joanne Fabrics for a pattern and fabric.

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SparkCrafted said... is where my last bridesmaid dress came from and i have to say, it was definitely re-wearable. they have some nice, crisp styles for summer time, like this one: (style 7453 if the link doesn't work). they don't seem to have anything specific to mother of the bride, though.

my dress was off the rack, so to speak, and needed a few alterations (it was very low cut and since i'd lost weight, it was too big all over). but, they do seem to be fairly true to size.

worse case scenario, we go to David's Bridal, drink wine or margaritas, and laugh.