Saturday, May 23, 2009

So many choices

Do I stitch, do I work in the yard, do I clean? Well 2 outta three ain't bad.

Great progress was made last week while in OCMD at the Salty Yarns. Side two of my Etui is over 50%. As much as I would love to sit and stitch, I believe the beautiful sunshine and mild weather of the east coast will win.

In days gone by, I would have already put in an hour and a half outside. Yard work seems to be harder this year or I am just that much more out of shape. Face it, my extent of exercise is with fingers, thumbs and forearms as I stitch. Just thinking about exercising doesn't count.

Currently I am doing a little bit of dr. assigned stretches. I was having a lot of hip pain - searing pain at times. Last weekend it combined with my sciatic nerve acting up. I thought it was the hotel bed or the long drive to the beach. When I look back I can see why I have been withdrawn and quiet at is that dull constant ache that brings you down. So I finally break down and make the appt., apologize to the nurse when I get there for wasting their time.....she was sweet....."Pain is your signal something is wrong. Don't ignore pain." So I felt better. Long story short is.....seems you have a similar muscular arrangement around the hip as you do with the shoulder and rotator cuff and those are the muscles I need to stretch. The doctor was perplexed as he played with all the mechanical devices in his new office. Seriously, he made the exam chair recline, go up, go down and everything but swivel and admitted he was playing with the 'new stuff'. He said I have done some repetitive motion for months or even years that has finally come to a head. Immediately I knew and he soon confirmed.......when I go to sit on the couch or anywhere for that matter, I bend my left knee and tuck my left foot under my right leg. Viola! That is exactly what would to it. So ladies Extend your legs. Well we always knew I was a bit messed up and this confirms it......rotator cuff of the hip!

As I write I can see the crisp shadows of the maple tree dancing across the wall as the sun is shining and there is no hesitation in my decision....I am on my way outside with a vow to dig, and trim, and sweep, and mulch, and plant until 5 which time I will be sitting on the deck in the shade stitching away. And if I am lucky it will be under my new pergola but that will only be if my husband gets finished buildng his drum corp at a decent hour. And I quote as he goes out the door this a.m......."Kitty (our very original name for our cat), I need to go. I can't play with you now. I've got a drum corp to build". I guess we all have our little (sick) obessions.

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