Sunday, June 7, 2009

B&B Part II

This was the best. My girl friend and I have vowed to make this an annual event. Time away from work, husbands, kids and life in the fast lane.

So, this is where we were.....Upper Black Eddy, PA staying in the Bridgeton House, The Inn Keeper and the staff could not have been nicer. And teh amenities were A+++. I know there are five-star hotels with all the (supposed) luxury. But that is stuffy, fancy, stand-up-straight and be on your best behavior luxury. Are you really able to relax in the formality? The Bridgeton House was majorly cozy, warm, comfy and wonderful. This weekend was better then going to the spa for a massage. A massage lasts an hour, this was 48 hours of total relaxation.

Deb and I sat on our screened second floor balcony and watched the river. We were treated to tea and sweets in the afternoon and then sherry at five, we wore plush bathrobes, and just generally refreshed the mind and soul. And the die for. Yum. So I guess this is what all B&B's are like and I am gushing ridiculously about my new experience that I am just slow at discovering? I don't know what I thought a B&B was? A room upstairs in the house of an average family?

So as not to think we just sat all day, we visited nearby Frenchtown, did the flea market in Lambertville and went to Peddler's Village in Lahaska for shopping and a mystery dinner theater event.

I even managed to start and finish a project. I purchased a Pine Mountain Design, "My Cup of Tea" when I was at the Salty Yarns last month. It is cute and I was amazed at how fast it made up. I have not stitched on Aida in years. It was nice to start and finish something so fast. It will also be a reminder of our weekend so every time I see the pillow I can remember the good time we had.

This is the view I stitched to. The Bridge and then the balcony of our room. Of course I didn't stitch in the bridge!

Of course, we bought our own supply of lotion and room fresheners from the Inn Keeper so we can close our eyes and fill our senses with the wonderful scent of the rooms and take ourselves back.....if only in our minds.

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