Friday, August 7, 2009

Website Progress

I am finally making progress on the website I am working on. The initial problem was it is a site I took over from someone with absolutely no instructions and actual pleading for passwords. Why, if you gave up a job, would you fight tooth and nail to get rid of it? Probably a communication issue. Anywho....

Since it is not my personal website but a site for a board I sit on, everything must be approved. This adds to the turn around time but it is fine. I am not trying to be the end all creator. I want to put on the site what the other Board members and the Director want.

So, seems that when you take on someone else's program is can be difficult to understand their logic. I managed to finally get the passwords and access codes and got into the guts of the site. I made my changes and updates and click on 'publish' and ta-da! nothing. A big bright white page of nothing. Website looks great on my laptop, I just can't seem to launch it. I bought Frontpage for Dummies and was again resolved to make this work. But alas, no success.

I had one of bestest friends who is in IT try to help me. Deb had no success either. I do not believe her failed attempt had anything to do with the fact that we were laying on our respective hotel room beds, each propped with pillows, working on our laptops, with a couple dozen jello shots gone and a couple of dozen more to consume. Nah!

I think the issue lies with my click-mania. You know clck here, click there, click here again, impatients sets in and somehow I feel I lost an important file. It is all I can figure. So I have been granted permission to drop the site we have and develop a new one on Yahoo! So far so good. Just waiting for the authorization codes and registry key from the current host to pass to Yahoo. It is crazy. the standard 24 to 72 hours after we received X, you can move to step 2. Then it is another 24 to 72 hours after we receive X, you can move to step 3. Now the latest delay this morning is because we are within 30 days of renewal of our domain name we must wait to the renewal of our domain registration is complete to move forward. This is not a quick process....but I will not be deterred and have been using the time to work on the 'unpublished' website. I think once the switch is flipped, the Board will be happy. I know I will be!

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