Sunday, September 13, 2009

Who would have ever thought...

I took the "Between the Sheets" class with Nan Tyson Euler this week at my local guild. What a treat. The usual classes I take are the 3 to 4 hour/here you go/see ya. While over many year's of classes I only remember one as a bust; this two day class with Nan was a treat in more ways than one.

Nan is such a wealth of knowledge. The teaching piece offering all the chance to 'paint' the linen in the area of the house. During the course of learning the stitches over the two days, Nan filled us with a lot of knowledge of historical samplers in general and in Pennsylvania and passed alone little antedotes along the way. Having family in Philadelphia is was neat to hear about the places I frequent visit in Chestnut Hill, etc.

So as strange as it sounds, I was thrilled to get the text from my husband on Friday during class that he was going to Hooter's with the guys after work. Who would have thought any wife would be happy to hear their husband was out oogling half naked women? Well when it means I would not have to make dinner or be interrupted and could stitch for a few more hours..................hey there are priorities!

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