Wednesday, October 14, 2009


My blogoversary is coming up and I have to think of a giveaway.   Time to search my stash and see what I have and what I can get together.   I know I have fabric and fibers and leaflets.  I wanted to go to Lancaster this weekend to the Stitching Jubliee but don't think I will make it.   I will try to put something together and get it launched this weekend.  Stay tuned!


Julie M said...

Hi Robin! Thought I'd pop over from my blog and say thanks for visiting and posting! Amy's a great name isn't it? I'd hate to be 300 miles away from my Amy. Hoping she chooses a college closer than that!

SparkCrafted said...

sorry to be missing out on the fun weekend that is Convention. I'll try to make sure that Amy and I make you proud with some frozen antics at Rhinebeck (it's potentially going to snow. we're camping. good gravy.....).

Daffycat said...

My blogoversary is coming up soon too and I've been thinking the same thing!