Thursday, October 8, 2009

Karma Gods have aligned

Sometimes it takes months or even years but eventually all the planets align and all is right in the world (of work). Never mind how ancient history and my own desire to please got me into the overwhelmed work load place where I am today.

I sometimes think it is almost a sign of societal times. I am extremely confused about how anyone can take a job and then say there are certain aspects of the job description they don't/won't do.  I mean what's up with that?   Isn't it that the person is to learn the job and not the job is to change to match the person?       The apathy some workers have towards work that is.   Ever notice the sales people that act like they are doing you a favor waiting on you?   Hello!  I pay your salary!!! If I didn't shop in your store, they would not need to have you here paying you to take care of me.  

Anyway, the adage is true if you want something done, give it to a busy person and that I am guessing, in part, that  is  how I got extra 'jobs'.    But is that really fair to the busy person?  A busy person has no more skills that then the next person.  Does the busy person just have the better work ethic?   It's no big deal.  No maliciousness.  Sometimes self-imposed.  It just happens while you strive to keep things going in the midst of change.  But it is another straw on way to breaking the proverbial back. 

Times they are a changing........two of the meetings I routinely cover are being re-routed to the appropriate departments and  a  major tracking report is moving to the appropriate department.   It's simple, if you had to do a report on widgets and didn't work with widgets but worked with gizmos instead, doesn't it make sense for the widget worker to do the widget report?      This is all such a relief.   It is very debilitating to come home ever day, week after week, month after month with more on the backlog list than when you started the day.   It is paralyzing to be in the grips an insurmountable list of to-dos.  It really makes you question your ability and sometimes your sanity.  These changes could means about 8 hours of work per week which is about the average extra time I put in each week.   Some may think.....WaHoo! OT.....not a chance.  I am a salaried employee. 

I am watching the orbits carefully hoping I have not jinxed anything but two of the three are already in the works and the third is my choice when to implement so I feel good "da na da na da na" (imagining Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire singing with the dinosaurs.......).  Life is good!


CindyMae said...

I Love that scene in Mrs. Doubtfire!!! Sounds like you are getting some relief and that is great!

Robin said...

LOL I was thinking that scene might not be one that was remembered. Yes, I can see him playing with those little dinosaurs while unbeknown to him the producer looked on. And yes, relief is good!