Friday, November 27, 2009

A Finish at last!

Ye-Ha!  Finally something to crow about.    This week I received pages 7 and 8 of the Jeannette Douglas Stitching Album in the mail and of course I had to check them out.   Silly distributor emailed to ask if I minded getting both at once or should she send one and then wait a month and send the other so I wouldn't be overwhelming with completion.   ha ha ha!  This time last week, I didn't even have the front cover finished let alone the previously mailed first 6 chapters.  As I filed my newly received goodies in the binder I just had to leaf through my Stitching Album and ohhh and ahhh about stitches to come. I started about this time last year on the front cover. Seems I get so involved in (godzilla sized) SAL's that there is little stitching time for anything else.

At any rate, I love the Gloriana Threads and Belle Soie and Needlepoint Silks Jeannette selects.   I simply could not resist picking up the front cover to finish it which I was able to do in no time at all.   ...... and of course that lead to the need to work on the back cover....... although I have no business jumping into a new start.  I kind of rationized that it was a large project with sections and I had already started so it is not really a new start.   I have been good at not starting anything new since I reviewed and posted my WIP's.  I was kind of appalled at myself because of all the WIP's I was responsible for not to mention the age of some of them.  Anyway the stitching is now done on the front cover and I have managed a good start on back cover.

I am also near completion on side three of my etui.........this side has been very hard for me.  I have a stitching block I think or my stitching mojo is gone!  I am hitting the wall because of all the stitching already done and yet to be done.   Hopefully I will wrap up side three by the end of the weekend.  The majority of what I have to complete is the border and because of the palest of pinks being used they do not even show up here.   After this SAL I am going to make a serious attempt to wrap up some of the WIP's and not join in another SAL until I can cross some projects off the list.  Maybe I can make some sort of deal within myself......a most coveted start cannot begin until at least one thing is crossed off my list!  Or the purchase of a long desire pattern and fabric cannot be had until......

Drum Corps starts this weekend and that means my stint at the registration table.   I hung up my uniform sewing and fitting duties a few years back.  Tonight there will be all those new and anxious little faces and excitement of the returning vets.   Seeing old friends, trading stories.  Everyone really raring to start another season.  Seems like finals in August are so far away but this is that first step towards a winning season.

Off to the treadmill now to work off some of the holiday calories.  Back to my pledge of working out regularly.  A brief episode of issues with my back and a week of my Kindle being out of no excuses.