Saturday, November 14, 2009

For no apparent reason..

Stitching Progress -  Ever have one of those weeks where you thought you had nothing to do but ended up with something everynight?   I know we have all had those.  For no apparent reason it seems like my past week turned into that.   So much so that I actually didn't go to my guild meeting on Thursday evening.  My decision was in part to be able to stay in and in part because I have my son's family for dinner one night a week and the week nights were running out.   I didn't get much stitching done and at this rate I feel like I will never finish this etui.    Never is a bit drastic......but it does conjure up imagines are all those WIP's!  lol    I know after this SAL I will not be signing on for another for quite awhile.   Although I love the fellowship and the support, we seem to pick projects that come with 9 and 12 month completion schedules.   I want to be able to start and finish something in under 9 months!  I guess I need the more instant gratification.  I have so many other irons in the fire and  it's not like stitching is my only activity.    Ouch!  Hmm, that's sounding harsh.  Of course, we are all busy and all are pulled in  a bunch of directions; and with the holidays approaching we are going to have our schedules streatched.  This past week just seemed to be one that pulled at my stitching time.
Children - In one of the blogs I follow, the author is talking about her kids traveling to different parts of the country and her motherly worrying.   I am right there with her.   I talked with my one daughter as she was driving 275 miles to meet some college friends for a girls weekend.   And yes, while I am thrilled and happy she still remains in contact with them and that she was doing a spa weekend with them, sometimes that worry wart mom side comes out.   I just wanted her to get there and be safe.   I felt bad as I signed off from our call because I was falling asleep.   She was calling - hands free - her girl friends to let them know how far out she was.   I think she was within an hour when we hung up.   (Aims! Hope you are enjoying!)
As for my eldest, I spent, what seems like the whole day behind the wheel driving from DE to Philly and them to Newark International Airport to Philly and then home again.      Her husband, my S-in-L was returning from his mountain climb and flying into a nor-easter.   All was well, he actually landed and was getting his luggage before we were parked.  The songs and stories about the New Jersey Turnpike do not do it justice.  Because for no apparent reason the traffic was moving slow.  It was good to have him home and great to hear his story of his trip.   He brought back some beautiful hand carved pieces and art work. 

Treamill Diary  - I did manage to get back on the treadmill today and put in 31 minutes.   I don't want to fall out of the routine and will not make excuses.   I did get out of the routine with my mother-in-laws passing and services.  I can say I got side tracked with other obligations but the words I used on my kids have come back to bite me in the you know what!   I used to tell them "you have the time if you take the time."  but I was often referring to picking up their room or doing dishes.   So, I guess I need to look at my walking as a job well done and not a chore......more words that a spouted routinely that are a bit tough to swallow.

Reading - I managed to finish Turning Angel by Greg Iles and immediately downloaded and started another Greg Iles book.   It is great to use my Kindle on the treadmill.   I enlarge the print for ease of reading and then just hit the 'next page' button.   It does pass the time quickly and it allows me to pursue my passion for reading at the same time.

As for tonight, I am off to a PartyLite party and perhaps I will be able to make a few Christmas present purchases.  We are to have a mild day Sunday weatherwise and I hope to do a bit of picking up in the yard and THEN will be stitching.   I already have dinner ready since I made a big casserole for my Mr. Wonderful since I will be out tonight and there will be plenty for tomorrow.  Sounds like a plan is forming......stitching after the treadmill.


CindyMae said...

Although my children are still young, I don't think that a parent ever stops worrying about their children. Your stitching is looking gorgeous!!

Meari said...

Wow, you've been really busy! Good luck in finishing your Etui.