Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Neat thing to do!

I am joining the TUSAL, the Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long!  over on Yoyo's blog, Dragon my Needle.   When looking over the member list, I see a lot of the blogs I check out.   

This is my original Ort jar that I now have a collection of buttons in.  Then there is my current jar!

This is a fun thing and no pressure to PRODUCE countless stitching projects.   I long to stitch but seriously people it can get overwhelming with all the accomplishments some of you guys produce.   Not that others don't have a life but I work 10 hour days not counting the commute, I come home to the treadmill, volunteer committees, dinner, work I have brought home, etc., family, friends, etc., etc.......I stitch as much as I can but I seem to be diversified in my craft maybe it is knitting one night or card stamping another, or sewing yet another.  It is long ago realized....I am the Jack of All and Master of None.....point being, it can be just as intimidating out there as it is rewarding to check out everyone's progress.  

To that end, The Totally Uselss Stitch-A-Long! is right up my alley.   No pressure....other than to post a photo of my ort jar once a month.    To celebrate, I am starting a new jar.   Or maybe a mug.   I pulled out of the china cabinet a glass mug Mr.Wonderful bought me way back when on a trip to Busch Gardens.   The thing sits in the closet and is never used....til now. 
Funny, when a friend asked why I had all the trash in the mason jar and I tried to explain it, she didn't understand.   It's a stitcher's thing!  I hope to look back over the year and see the threads of my life in the jar.  Next month I'll be sure get snap a better shot without all the clutter in the background!


SparkCrafted said...

i love looking at my ort jars and seeing scraps from different projects through the years. i should have put one together for the quilting stuff i've started recently, but i think fabric orts will take up much more room than yarn and floss orts. guess step 1 to overcoming my hoarding ways to not hoard more, right?

Yoyo said...

WELCOME to the Totally Useless SAL definitely a no pressure SAL, I hope you enjoy!! Thanks for digging out the beautiful mug, it is appreciated if you don't combine your TUSAL orts with others until after year's end--but that's all the pressure you're going to get from me! Looking forward to visiting with you over the coming year. Oh, don't forget, if it's thread it can go in your Totally Useless Container whether from stitching, quilting, sewing, knitting and crochet, whatever, just not anything from totally unrelated crafts like paper crafts or woodworking.

Catherine said...

I am still laughing at "it's a stitcher's thing"! I so agree and there are definitely more than one "stitcher's thing"!

I am going to place some of my orts throughout my garden in the spring in the hopes that some of the birds will find them useful for their nests!

Daffycat said...

Yay! Welcome to the SAL Robin! I like mason jar ORT containers ~ so comforting, somehow!