Sunday, February 21, 2010

A blast from the past....

Yesterday I received a call from a long time friend. There was a time when she and I were inseperable. We have been through thick and thin together with spouses, children, illness, family and pets. Our sons were joined at the hip. She'd call me...."their own their way your direction".......and I'd call back a couple of days later and tell her they were heading her way!  

Our phone call took me back to all years. My memory was flooded with all the warm feelings and memories and nostalgia for what really was a simpler time. Only we didn't know it then. As we chatted, I wiped down the kitchen, swiffered the downstairs, dusted, tidied the newspapers and pile of mail..... I remembered how as young mothers we were able to socialize over the phone while still doing dishes and housework and watching the kids. Every emergency in my life, Diane was there. She is the one that stayed with me to clean up at my mother's after the wake and then came back that night to help eat the leftovers!   She is the one I went to the morning after my daughter was put in ICU.  Diane was there when my husband was burnt and rumors flew from the factory someone has died.  (not true) 

I remember meeting Diane in 1974.  I was probably 17 and she was probably 13.  I had to pass the "twin test" for my boyfriend, (Mr. Wonderful).   He brought Diane and her identical twin to meet me at Gino's where I get their approval that I could date him!  

Unfortunately as the children went off to college, divorces came onto the scene and working full time in different states, we grew apart. When did life get so hectic that the mid-night coffee runs stopped?   or the 'it's 5 o'clock somewhere margarita' ended?   Diane has always been good for a laugh and lights up the room with her vitality.  Sad, but true. Interests change, social circles change but memories etched on your heart don't.
The photo is one Diane brought to me when she came to a Christmas Open House I had.   It's our kids and a cousin and a neighbor too, in her back yard three homes ago, 25 plus years ago and a millions smiles, tears and memories ago.


Catherine said...

What great memories - so nice that you could catch up!

Lee said...

This is such a familiar story. I hope you two can fully connect again.