Saturday, February 20, 2010

Brass Orchids!

Or rather brass and orchids.   Obviously, the orchids first.    I have wanted to try my hand at orchids for the last several years.   Ever since the House and Garden Tour in Wilmington and the hostess at one home insisted her orchids grew with neglect!  She assured us, once you find a place they like.....leave them.    Several of  ladies in my stitching group grow orchids and it got me thinking......why not!  The ladies in my group are so nice I know they will be able to give me sound advice if needed.  So off to Home Depot I go today and bought a couple.   Now I hope the horticultural affecianatoes of the orchid world  don't get all nerved out because I bought Home Depot orchids.   I am just testing the waters here.

OK, so now the brass part.    My father had a passion for antique brass candlesticks.    I remember each Christmas he would sit for hours polishing away until the brass shone almost white if that is possible.  I also remember road trips to some obscure antique shop where someone had told him a pair was for sale.    It was not just any brass candlesticks.   These are English, the beehive series and have push-ups.
   He also had the whole diamond series - my brother has those.  After both my parents passed away my brother, sister and split up the antiques.   On the table  is MY SHARE of the candlesticks! except for the couple of pairs I have already passed to one daughter.   You can't imagine how beautiful 3 times that many looked all gleaming with greens around them at the holidays.  I have to admit, I have neglected the polishing over the years.   For some unknown reason I have been missing my parents alot lately and with my father's birthday on the 26th it just seemed like something I had to do this polish the candlesticks.   It might of had something to do with rearranging furniture but anyway.    Some on the table are shined and some are yet to be polished.   

I tried to polish just one half of this one to show the difference.    Below are my cricket boxes.  If the candlesticks are getting polished so are the cricket boxes.   I can't believe how much the one on the right gleams!     

and my back to complete the task and then scrub and scrub the hands and nails so I can get in some stitching time tonight.....

Finished the Kite Runner last night and have down loaded The Glass Castle and hope to get some reading time in too.

The white wine candles in my header photo are in recognition of my 35th wedding anniversary on Monday.   In my mind, I think I am 35! not married for 35 years.   I can't believe it.   Good times, bad times, and better times but that is what it is all about.   Working through those rough times together and not throwing in the towel.  It just makes the good times all that much better.   I told Mr. W early in February to not waste money on me for Valentines Day or our Anniversary.  I would be happy with one rose and not the gigantic bouquet like last year.  I said to put the money he would spend on the principal of the mortgage and give me the present of an earlier retirement!  He has become quite the gift giver in the last few years.  I'll let you know if he listened.   If I had it to do again........I would, maybe with a few changes along the way.  But, yes, I would marry Mr. Wonderful again!  Sappy I know.  After all this time we just kind of get each other.


Susan said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! We'll be celebrating our 35th in August, and I don't know where the time has gone, either. Hope you and Mr. Wonderful had a great day!

stitchinfiend said...

Good luck with the orchids. My Dad is an orchid growers.

Catherine said...

Beautiful orchids!
And what a lovely tribute to your Dad to polish all that brass!
Happy Anniversary!