Monday, February 15, 2010

I just had to deviate - Edited for Catherine

from my self-appointed path!    I have been diligent with working from home today.   We are off for President's Day and I truly took the weekend off by not doing paperwork or logging in remotely to type minutes or schedule meetings or reply to, I set that aside for today.  Well seems that since Mr. Wonderful upgraded my laptop to Windows 7 (or 8, or whatever # we are up to), I cannot log into work remotely!  Drat and double drat.   In an effort to get something accomplished, I have been working away and emailing the files to myself at work but this is not the best scenario especially since this little upgrade is bogging everything down and I am timing out before files can upload.   I first thought it was just my laptop but even my husband's desktop is slow.   Is everyone who is off today on the internet creating a traffic jam on the information highway?

Some of the work I really need to do involves me incorporating pdf's from the network drive into the minutes.   That's not happening today.  I am sorry to be such a grouse about this but I have little understanding of how these things work, I just want them to and I have less patience when they don't.   This is just making me eat my own words about putting things off.   I should have checked this out yesterday when my personal computer guru was here. 

Even though I promised myself I wouldn't spend time on the internet and blogging today, I just had to stop trying to work when it wasn't working!!! and do something make some homemade pasta fajule (spelling?) and to start a new stitching project and update my blog appearance for the spring.

For now, it's some soup and some stitching....then a bit more of work or maybe I will sew my new curtains.  Now there's a thought!   Looks like I have to take my laptop into our IT guys.   I will need a patch or something.   This is similar to when I got the laptop which operates at 64-bit and my company is at 32-bit.   I know we are not even on Vista at work and my laptop is now at Windows 7 so I will let Dan the IT Man work his majic tomorrow. 

Here is my soup!  I don't know what Army I thought I was cooking for because I made gallons.   I got carried away with the pasta and should have only added half the box but oh well.   Tastes really good with some parmesian cheese on top.  (Edit - Catherine, I just had to laugh right out loud when I read your comment about my recipe. I don't know that I have one, I just throw what seems to be the appropriate stuff in the pot. Since it was pretty darned good this time I will try to write it down and pass it to you but don't look for it till next weekend.)


Catherine said...

So sorry to hear about your computer issues! They can be such a pain - I have little understanding or patience myself - I just expect things to work!

If you wouldn't mine, I would love to have your soup recipe - my husband always gets that soup when we go to Olive Garden. It would be fun to surprise him with some at home! Thanks!

Your new start is cute!

Lynn said...

Robin, I just came across your blog! Very nice...I would have used it for my "blog of the month" at the guild meeting if I'd found it sooner.

stitchinfiend said...

I hate it when things don't work out on the computer - luckily I have an in built guru at home. Your soup looks delicious.