Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week 13 - My Small Changes

The Queen of Unfinished Projects so aptly decribes my path.    Although not a thinks it is time to do something about it.     I kind of got a real wake up call when I putting away my new purchases from last week and even though I know I have a STABLE Stash I was almost - I say almost - horrified at the sh$$load of STUFF!   This is even after weeding it out.   I kind of made a pledge to myself not to start anything new - key word start; no mention of not purchasing.    I have noted before that if there is such thing as a crafters ADD, I have it!  I start many a project with whole hearted zeal and somewhere along the line I become bored and start something new.   This is not limited to stitching.    Ha!  if only.   Let's see I had, just had to paint the bathroom last August.  I am happy to say I completed it, sewed the curtains and installed the crown molding.   But did I caulk the molding......well I started to.....and the bedroom I painted in February - walls and ceilings finished but look at the baseboard!  Seems I got to the corner where the paint cans and sawhorse were and I stopped. 

In spring, I have a heart to heart with myself and walk from room to room making a list of what needs to be fixed, patched, touched up, etc.  Well it is now time and my list is long.   To that end, I have two cross stitch finishes this week and a cross stitch resurrection!   I finished the stitching on the Dinah name tag from the Nan Tyson Euler class months ago, but I never 'finished'.  So this week I did.  I started to add the little picot edging but I was doing such an uneven job I knew it best to frog and move on, lest this project remain on the unfinished list.    Next I finished Bent Creek's Americana Blue.   I mixed it up a bit since the pattern called for dated it and the year in the chart was 2000.   This is the second in a series of three that I have completed so the framing will be waiting until all three are done.   Given my current mission, who knows when that will be....since I am not STARTING anything new until I FINISH a few more.     Granted, some of the items in my WIP pile are non-doers!  They are things someone else started that I don't have my heart in; they are class projects to complete; a wedding sampler for a couple who broke their engagement....I mean how can I finish that?

So in this quest to tie up the loose ends, I came across this beauty.   All I can tell you is that it is a Sunset design  and I know I was stitching on it 15 years ago!   I still like the design.   Although the fabric is stained I plan to stitch away and hope to tea stain it when complete.  It is in my current works basket along with my Between the Sheets Sampler.    This is where I am going to dedicate my time!

Another finishing project......I was in the monthly Shepherd's Bush several years ago.   Once I completed each month......I did nothing with them put them in my finishing basket.  And there they have sat with their respective fabrics.   My plan is to finish up in the next couple of weeks April, May and June in little fanfolds for my desk at work.  Seems I have stored away April so well I can't even find it!  Join me in completing projects! 
Be part of the WIP Project.
1. Post here info about your finishes and I will have a given away on May 1st.  
2. Not necessary to link to my site but you can.
3. Not necessary to be a follower but you can.
4. Post a reply to this post about a project you've have in the pile for a least a year that finally finished it.
5. Your name will be added one time for each older project you finish between now and May 1st.
6. Be sure to include your contact information.   
I will have to provide an update of what the give a way will be since the idea just popped into my head this second!   There I go again, starting something anew when I have a pile to still do!  Just think how good you will feel to get one of those items done/completed/finished!

And then there is the TUSAL!  How can I not even complete that challenge!!!!  At the rate I am adding to the mug, I may need to transfer for a different container.  Now to catch up on all the lovely posts and emails.   I have been lax this week on emails and postings so I have my work cut out for me.   

So for this week, I vow to finish two things on my list before I start anything new and hopefully I will be able to post a lot of finished over the next month and be able to start something new.   I always start something new on our retreat in May so that is my goal!


Hazel said...

Oh goodness me. I have a few wips and UFOs! Where to begin... I have a few pieces that I have finished stitching but never made into anything. One of which is a lovely Mirabilia Christmas Angel with beads and metallics. My plan was to make it into a flatfold but having never made one before... you get the drift. I have a few BAPS that are ongoing and which i PLAN to finish soon. honest. One of those is Jan Houtman's Patchwork - another is CDC by Ink Circles which I am in a blog for to help me finish. Shame about that engagement one. Yes I'd love to join your giveaway and I will have lots of finishes this year. ;)

Raven/Missy said...

Congratulations on getting things finished and working on your ufo's. I only have 2 UFO's but they are both Teresa Wentzler designs, so they will take more than a couple days to finish. LOL

Catherine said...

I have an old R&R class piece from the mid 90's that I never finished, a PS winter design that I started a few years ago, Tombstone Spots started last year, and Mary Wigham and Jenny Bean going on as well! I think that's it! But one can never quite be sure what's lurking at the bottom of the basket!

Anonymous said...

Those little SB pieces are very cute! I wonder if you are the same Robin that I met at WVAS a few years ago.... I haven't been in the shop in ages.