Sunday, April 18, 2010

Be Kind to the Admin/Secretary in Your Life

It is Administrative Professionals Week so please be kind to any from the School Secretary (where I got my start) to the Lady at the Tax Office to the girl at the window in your Doctor's office.   Admins are what keeps everything together and moving forward! 
Every been in an office and the boss is still happens.   If the Admin is out......things grind to a painful stop.   No one left seems to know how to unjam the copier, where the extra plastic ware or plates for the luncheon, where are the menus for the nearby places that delivery, which way does the letterhead go in each and every copier and printer to make your document come out right, where is the secret place that phone numbers and addresses are kept, how to fax a document,  format a document and believe me I could go on.  Who reminds the boss what he needs to be aware of before he knows he needs to know?  
Being a good Admin .......................pause - I don't know when we went from being Secretaries to being Administrative Professionals......somewhere about the same time Janitors became Custodians I guess........being a good Admin is like being in the stage crew of a play.   You do not get center stage billing nor do you want it.  But you are instrumental in making the show go off without a hitch.  
So this week as you go through your day and interact with others think about who typed the lists, maintained the file, created the phone was probably a Secretary.......she is kind of like a mom who manages to balance kids, carpools, the house and husband but on a different playing field.

There are 9 of us Admins that all sit in same area of the 3rd floor at work.  For the last few years I have been doing something special  for them each day.  I supervise four of them.   My girls are better than great.   They are wonderful and joy to Supervise.   They are all dedicated and hard working.......maybe it has something to do with their boss.   Since we all sit close to each other, I do it for everyone.  Nothing big, but something to let them know they are special and appreciated.
Monday will be Pansies
Tuesday will be Muffins (for the Weight Watchers they are only 2 pts.)  Tuesday's muffins were burnt! so Thursday became Muffins-revisited!
Wednesday will be a Scandanavian Salad I am making them all for lunch.
Thursday ----(I forget what I planned.  It is listed on a piece of paper under my blotter at work.)  Muffins Revisited
Friday - I am stitching up little card wallets.

Have a great week, thanks for stopping by and remember the Secretaries in you life.


Catherine said...

How sweet of you to take care of your girls? I think some of my motherly duties definitely fall under this category!

Raven/Missy said...

That is so very sweet of you to do those things for the admins in your work. When I was able to work, I worked as a secretary for a while and I loved it. You're right, if I wasn't there, the boss had no clue what to do LOL It was a 2 person office, the boss and me. I never knew there was a secretaries day until one day my boss showed up at work with a large flower arrangement and a great lunch for me. He was a good guy.

I look forward to seeing your pictures!