Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh those points!

I had my first weigh in with WW this week.   The transitions from eating anything and everything you want to actually being conscious about all those calories/points you put absent mindedly into your mouth is a tedious one!  I keep telling myself that the weight went on over the last 30 years so it will not disappear over night and not without work.   There is no way I would even consider dropping the weight to the 'recommended range' they suggest.   But I do plan to stick with this and drop some weight.....the exact poundage (or tonage) is yet to be decided. 

So today, we had a community cleanup and it was my duty to stop at Dunkin Donuts for coffee, etc.   I stopped at my local after work last night and put in my order and pre-paid  for 100 Munchkins, 2 Boxes of Joe and 1 Box of Hot Chocolate.   When I went in this morning at the you know-what-crack of dawn, the manager offered me a muffin.    I looked and carefully considered.   YES I really did.   I thought about the selection and chose the Bran and Raison Muffin.   It was good and I drove away with my giant glass of lemon water and ate my muffin believing I made the correct selection.   It had bran, it has fiber, it had fruit, it had 10 points when I got home and looked it up on the internet.   I could have had any five Munchkins for 10 points.  Had I known, I would have had no muffin and if I absolutely needed, I would have had 3 Munchkins. Just goes to show you what you think is healthy just may not be.

To make this better I think I will have to open a can of green beans and nothing else for dinner.   Usually when I get home off come the clothes and on go the comfy sweats.   Not today after reading between the hot dog on the grill and the muffin that I had only 3 points left for the day!  I continue to be wearing those uncomfortable tight jeans as a reminder of what a MUFFIN can do for you!  All is not lost because I did earn activity points which I know about from before but which they haven't introduced to us yet at the meeting.  

I will have to see what the weigh in on Wednesday shows.........


Dianntha said...

Oh my,,,10 points...that is half for the day!! I just started ww on thursday as I am right there with you. I has to get easier..right. Just think how nice it will be to put those jeans in the goodwill bag because they are too large,,,yay!!! Dianntha
(I forgot to sign in)

Catherine said...

I do wish you the best of luck with this!! I am so horrible at keeping track of this sort of thing! I can't wait to hear of your success!

I wonder how many points two slices of pizza with pepperoni, sausage, onions and green peppers and a cherry pepsi would be? NOPE - on second thought, I'd rather not know!

Karyn said...

You are doing great....I would have made the same choice and in the long run I think the fiber may be the better choice...if you know what I mean (wink wink). I am so proud of you for making this decision, as I am still finding every excuse to avoid it :)