Monday, May 17, 2010

Framing Issue!

For the first time and probably the last time, Mr. Wonderful volunteered to pick up my framed project from the framer...... Here it Nan Tyson Euler class piece, Between the Sheets.  At first glance it looks OK.  Taking a closer look......since this is a sampler there are distinct horizontal lines making the poor mounting and waviness so very obvious.  
Placing my lucite  6 x 12 ruler on it really shows the poor quality.   Even without clicking/enlarging the pics you can see the waviness.   I immediately called the store and left a voicemail.   I don't know what my options are or what their policies may be since it was picked up does that mean the work was accepted?   

 I have taken my pieces to them for years and have recommended them to my friends for years and told them as much in my voice message!  They are only open to the public on Friday/Saturday/Sunday so I may not hear from them until the end of the week...... So I guess I can see why Mr. Wonderful will never be picking up a piece for me again.

If they won't remount the piece, guess what, all the business I have sent their way will go the way of the new framer I find!  And if I have too, I will take this somewhere else to be remounted because now it bugs the crap out of me.   This piece has been the piece from HEdoubleHockeySticks!  I was so happy to have conquered the wonky instructions and the too few supplied threads and now this!  drat!  Oh it won't get me down.....I'll just start something else.

The lines on my ruler are a quarter in apart and you can clearly see a quarter inch deviation in the stretch of 3 inches.


Lynn said...

That stinks Robin! Hope they back up their work. It's a beautiful piece, though, and you should be proud.

Blu said...

Yikes! That's some seriously wonky framing.
Good luck getting it fixed.

Jennifer said...

I had to really look hard.......but I know how it is when you're displeased with something. I just frame my own and oh my goodness, if I put a ruler up to mine, I'm sure it would be wonkie too.....thank goodness, right? LOL
Yep, framers prices are too high for me, and I have to do my own finishing and I'm definitely not professional but after getting one finished at a framer I almost stroked at the cost 2 years ago. So now, me and hubbie frame mine and it's works for me.
Your stitching is beautiful by the way!


Catherine said...

I do hope they fix that for you!! It's definitely off - that would drive me crazy!

Meari said...

Sorry to hear it didn't come back as well as you wanted. As much as it costs to have things professionally framed, I'd be steamed too. I do my own framing so I'm sure mine are "off" but I can't justify the cost for my pocketbook. Good luck in finding another framer!

Julie M said...

I can't tell from your picture so I have to ask, are the outside edges straight?? I can clearly see the waviness of the inside lines but am curious about the outside.

Susan said...

The framing would bother me too! I hope you get them to fix it for you.