Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ever make a decision and then question it ......?

Yesterday was the scheduled date of our big fundraiser - which I use in the broadest sense of the word since we rarely break even.   The fundraiser was scheduled for outside in a community  park including a civil war band, a barber shop quarter, lemonade and ice cream - basically an old fashined ice cream social.   Here on the east coast we were forecasted with 3 to 6 inches of torrential rains.   The rains started early and as I traipsed through the downpour to and from the bank and the grocery store and in and out of the house loading the car I was making a mental list of arguments.

When I arrived at the YMCA, where we are housed, I was already soaked to the bone. I kind of already had run everything through my head......what would be the ramifications if we postponed?   (We had no rain date - rain provision was to move everything inside the Y).   

My poor exectuive director, she was beside herself with what to do......most Board members thought we should cancel but ultimately it was her decision.   We were pretty sure if we moved inside the only guests we would have would be ourselves and our families.   So the mental list came out....first, check with our entertainment line up to see if there would be available on Sunday, check with the township to see if we could carry our permit over one day, call the newspaper about getting a little blurb in and just as important .....make sure our volunteers were available.  It took a good hour to make the calls and get the call backs but the decision was made to postpone til Sunday............and the director and I went to the local diner to lick our wounds.  

We sat and ate linquine and drowned our sorrows with large ice teas and looked out the window as the sun was attempting to break through.   We both secretly were praying for thunderstorms to validate our decision!  We made the right decision but thunder would have been today we try again.    After leaving the diner I made sure I updated our website and am glad I did......I just reviewed the hits and had over 150 in the last two days.   Hopefully those hits relate directly to attendees and maybe we will actually be in the black this year!  I hope I remember to take my camera and post pix later in the week.

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Raven/Missy said...

Making a decision and then questioning it later? Yup I do that about many different things. You are definitely not alone!

Sounds to me like you made the right decision for the Ice Cream Social fundraiser. I hope everything goes very well and you meet your fundraiser goal!