Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shower Favors

Here's some pix of the shower favors I was laboring over.   I was really pleased with how cute they looked.   Selene - my Stampin Up girl - helped with her long distance advise and order help.  Originally the bridesmaids asked for dahlia bulbs in tissue paper.....but tis not the season to find dahlia bulbs.   I went with the flower theme and packaged up wildflowers.   This worked really well since the bride and groom are nature lovers and love hiking in the woods, etc.  I packaged the seeds and used the 'top note' dye on the cello bags.  each bag also included a card with planting instructions.   Then I decorated 4 by 6 white bags with co-ordinating papers and put the seed bags inside.   I also made 'thank you' cards using the same theme.  Sorry - I attempted to put these in a more chronological set up but seem to be challenged and quickly frustrated when moving photos about a post.
Silly me left my camera home - 2 1/2 hours away from the shower itself.   A lot of good that did me. I do have pix of some of the presents and as you know, with me, Dollar Store paper because it IS all about the bow! 

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natalyK said...

Those are the best shower favors I have seen in a while. And the present, you'll be lucky if they want to open it. It is too beautiful!