Sunday, August 29, 2010


The family, the fun, the friends, the food, the good spirits, the beautiful venue, the fabulous flowers, the gorgious weather were  surpassed by the pure look of joy and happiness on the bride and groom.  I never took ONE photo! nor did I use my FLIP video camera.  The evening was over before we knew it.   Not to worry, my eldest daughter and her husband did the photography and I have seen some of them and they are beautiful.......she needs to email me some.  I know she has over 800 photos on one camera alone.

The bride and groom headed to the mountains yesterday afternoon for a week of hiking, horseback riding, white water rafting and relaxing.  We are an outdoorsie nature  loving family.

Now a week of no wedding prep, no assembly of anything, no kids, no dogs...........some well deserved rest.........I may have withdraw.

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Sherry said...

congrats on the wedding success - hope you felt better for the wedding! Enjoy!