Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ABC's of Reading

I adapted this idea from Anna at http://stitchbitch.blogspot.com/2010/11/bookish-sunday.html.   A lot of people enjoy reading and  since a lot of us post the lists of books we read, I thought this was a neat challenge to myself and a neat way to keep track of what I/we/what everyone is reading. 

Reading is such an escape.  It opens up so much; it takes you away; it allows you to travel to the far corners of the world, to dream, to laugh, to cry, to yearn and to learn.   I loved reading to my kids when they were little.  I remember struggling with my son who didn't like to read and when in about the 4th grade I coaxed him to read the little snippets at the end of articles in the Reader's Digest.   Now, 20 years later, the Reader's Digest is a staple on the Christmas to all three of my children. 

I read almost nightly while Mr. W and I have our *quality time*.  When he comes in from the 'barn' he puts his iPod on the player and we listen to music.  I also read on my treadmill.  Boy can I rack up the miles when I am into a good book.

Here are the rules for my challenge to myself  --- ABC's of Reading --- I will list a book I've read that starts with each letter of the alphabet. (I don't count the "T" in the lead word "The", or "A")   If I don’t have a book for a letter (such as Z or X) then I will  substitute a book that simply has that letter in the title (ex. The Lost City of Z). However, I will only allow myself three of these WILDCARDS.  (Z, X, and Q. But not Z, X, Q, and V.)  My books will most likely be fiction and autobiographical.  But you could do it with any genre from fiction to non-fiction to poetry to textbooks.   I haven't put any deadline on this and I have a non-impressive average of 12 books a year.  

I've already listed my duplicate letters as my wildcards at the bottom of the list waiting for a place I may need to plug them in!  See my sidebar to the right for my *partial* list.   Looks like I've got a lot of letters open still!    Looks like I may need some ~title~ suggestions for some of these letters.

Feel free to copy the idea and create your own challenge and join in!

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Anna van Schurman said...

Thanks for playing along! It's interesting to see all the different books people are choosing.