Sunday, November 7, 2010


As I was cleaning and picking up the house yesterday, I came across no less that 25 little floss cards.   Each wrapped neatly (kind of) and numbered with DMC floss number.   Some were in a tin on my coffee table, some in a zip lock bag in my stitching basket, some in my bill box, some in my basket I put coupons in in the kitchen and one was even in my jewelry box. 
I piled them on the stairs for a trip to my sewing room at a later date.    Yesteday, I knew I would have that date today.   I put the kitchen timer on for one hour otherwise I would be up there all day and headed upstairs to start to work.    First I put away my floss in the little plastic boxes I have but what did I find?   The floss box had a couple of sections filled with beads and one with buttons.  
Now, my motto is.......put like things together!   I am compulsively neat about somethings and a complete mess about others.   So of course the filing of the floss lead to the sorting of the beads and then the folding of the linen and the re-setting of the kitchen times 2 mores times and you get the picture.   Sorry to say, but it one of my favorite ways to spend a few hours on the weekend.    Not every weekend mind you but now and again is alright. 
So that leads me to my Trash and Treasure event!    I came across a lot of stuff that at one time I liked.  Or stuff that I have no idea how, when, why I have it.   If I am honest with myself, I know I will never use some of this stuff.   Tastes change or worse, I forget I have it and buy it again.    I was going to pack these things up and store in the YARD SALE box for the yard sale that never happens.   I thought it better to just pass it on.  I don't have photos yet but I have made a little pile of things I want to get rid of.  I didn't do anything when I hit the 100 mark on followers so I guess that is what I will be my celebration of passing 100.  

So to be entered, you don't have to do anything, just be a follower as of mid-night November 7, 2010.   I will post photos shortly under  this same posting and will use the random generator thing-a-ma-bob to select a winner on Thanksgiving Day!  

I think I will go through patterns after the first of the year and do the same thing.   I mean seriously.  If I were to live another 54 years and be of sound mind and eyesight and able to stitch that long, I might, just might run out. 

Some navy 28 - 30 ct, a printed 18 ct, a hand towel ready for x-stitch

2 1-yard each 28 ct. great for bell pulls.  Some 16 count pink and a whole hunk of 24?? ct. Aida

Just Nan Little Whimsy frames

Cone shapes Aida (I used one in cream for a flower girl bag) and a little wire hanger.

Assorted beads - great for embellishing some Christmas Ornies!
Oh, and another find, about 50 skeins of floss that I have never wound onto cards but rather were stuffed here there and everywhere!  So, on my November list of objectives is to wrap three or four each night and get them wrapped, numbered and filed away neatly in their proper order in my little floss boxes!   

This is the tangle of floss I gathered ............

....and here is where I hope these skeins reside in the near future!


Kathy said...

Sounds like a fun way to get rid of stuff. :)

I was an unofficial follower (ou are on my blog list) but am now official. :)

Chris said...

Sounds like a plan. Amazing how these stitching things accumulate.

Hillery said...

Sounds great!! I know what you mean by too much stuff.

Susan said...

Isn't it amazing how stitching stuff expands to fit the available space in the house? And it's so much fun to sort through and organize!

Catherine said...

I love it when a plan comes together!

natalyK said...

After recently sorting my craft closet I ran into the same situation with my stash. Why did I buy some of this stuff. I like the idea of this giveaway and may do the same but it will definitely be after the holidays.

Carissa said...

I would love to be entered in your giveaway.