Monday, January 3, 2011

Day III in the i-Challenge

Well, first and foremost, let's get things in proper perspective here....althought I am seriously twisted about devoted time to stitching OVER cleaning, filing, etc., I need to tell everyone about the Blue Men.   What could be more important than stitching, a day spent with family.  What a great show.   The tickets were a Christmas present from my daughter and son-in-law, who I must argue it the best son-in-law in the whole world, but to move on.   We went to the Merriam Theater in Philly.  It is a small theater but very gorgious and ornate.    The show was 90 non-stop minutes of entertainment.   These guys were fabulous and the finale was fantastic.  I haven't laughed that much (in public) for quite a while.  I may have even *snorted* once!  After the show we walked to Rittenhouse Square and ate at the Devon Seafood Grille.   Another must do again place.   Our seats over looked Rittenhouse Square and it was just really lovely to sit and look out at the square.   I imagine it would be really pretty in the spring and summer when the trees are in.   Mr. W. is not one to want to leave the house and he is definitely a man of minimal verbage but once he got back to his safety zone of his Man Cave and had a "beverage" he wouldn't shut up about the show, the dinner and the day.   He didn't even once refer to the Cite of Brotherly Love as Flith-a-delphia.   This may be a first.  Sorry folks, he is just a country boy from Arkansas at heart and not a fan of the city - any city.  He kept telling me to let our daughter know what a nice time it was and we should do it (or something like it) every year.  (hhhhhhmmmmm, do I see Jersey Boys in my future??? - one can only hope)  I instructed Mr. W. the he needs to email her!!!!   It would mean so much more coming from the man of so few words.   So few words except for those times of technical instruction.  Then we know he has an unending flow of words.

I just love this little flower.
 So to stitching, first my progress on i-Challenge Day 2.   Not as much as I had hoped.   I was having an issue focusing last night and need to figure out the count of linen I selected.   It just seemed small.   That and in my infinite impatience wisdom to start right away, I didn't take the time to overcast the edges on my sewing machine and kept pulling at the wisps of threads unraveling around the edges.   For one, I can't wait to work on this a few more times to get the sizing or stiffness out of the linen.   It just get aggravates when it is old stiff and starchy and seems to have a mind of its own. 

Sorry for the glare from the under the cabinet lighting.  It is pre-dawn and I thought it would help.

For today, the i-Challenge is brought to us from The Prairie Sampler.   It is called the Friendship Star Puzzle Purse.  When completed, you fold the piece into a small little purse.  It opens to something similar to an Ort box.  The photo shows the folded version.  This is the little blurb from the pattern....
    "The puzzle purse was first made in the last quarter of the 18th century.  It was usually made out of           paper.   It was quite often given on Valentine's Day with a message to a loved one.   One source said that it has been known to find birth cerficates folded this way.   Quite often they were painted with faktur."

This is the finished and folded version - kind of the center square of a 9 patch. 
This is another pattern that has been high in my basket of soon to-do projects and I have wanted to start it since 2008.   I purchased it at a  May Celebrations event in Nashua, New Hampshire.  As I think about the piece and write about it, I feel like a little child telling her mother that whatever toy is placed in front of me is my FAVORITE and spout the reasons.   I am sure I am not alone. 


Hazel said...

Your night at the theatre sounds great! Love your new starts. x

natalyK said...

Glad to hear a fellow blogger has attended Celebrations. My stitching friend finished the star project and it is PERFECT! You will love it!

Catherine said...

Love that sweet flower! And that puzzle purse is beautiful!

Julie M said...

Glad you enjoyed the Blue Men. I saw them in Vegas a couple of years ago.

I think you made great progress on your day 2 project despite being unfocused.

The friendship star puzzle purse is adorable!

SparkCrafted said...

OK. I tried to find a list of all the names for The Booty. Instead, I found this and it's not as funny as it could be because I did it in the library.

Denise said...

Oh sounds like you had a wonderful time with the Blue Men!

Have fun with your 'favorite' new toy! They will look spectacular when finished!

Jan said...

You are very organized!! Great beginning on this one, I was just reading your list for the challenge and you have a lot of neat ones included. Will look forward to seeing your progresses!