Sunday, January 16, 2011

Honey, I'mmmmmmmm home!

So good to go away but we all know, so good to get home.   This weekend I participated in my first Camp Wannasew!  Wow!   What a nice weekend.  Sewing and friends and more sewing and new friends and progress to show to boot.  And the price was right since there was no Vendors involved.   We all know how dangerous that can be to the ole wallet. 

Where to start.....first Carol out did herself with our room accommodations.  We had an awesome SUITE!  It was really nice to have a large living room and dining table that seated 8.  When not in the common stitching room with the other stitchers, we had plenty of space to spread out and do our thing in our pj's in our own room.  We were kind of bummed out - those of us who are Internet/email/blogging nuts, that Internet was extra.  And not a one time extra for the room, an extra of $10 for each device from the room to access the Internet.   Boo hiss!  Even Motel 6 gives you free wireless.   Next year I think we are adding a day to weekend; I promised to hit the fitness room at least once; and may consider my bathing suit for the indoor pool.   Hitting the pool will depend on how many times I hit the fitness room at my Y between now and next year. 

Second, one of the Secret Squirrel Stitchers/my Thursday night stitching group, Diane moved to Tennessee after only my first two meetings with the stitching group.  Everyone talks about  Diane this and Diane that and I really never got the chance to know her.  Well that was corrected after this weekend.  She drove up from Tennessee to join us for Camp Wannasew and it was so nice to get to spend some time with her.   And you should see her work!  Totally exceptional.  Drive home safety Diane! 

I really recommend highly a stitching getaway weekend for aynone that can pull it off.  I already marked my calendar for next year. 

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Terri said...

Sounds like a great time :)