Sunday, January 9, 2011

i-Challenge Day VII

Caught up with a friend last night on the phone and got to stitching til later than I wanted but it was worth the trade off......Day VIII Challenge is a Pine Mountain Kit - October Spooks.   Love that everything is complete in the package but not real fond of the fun of sorting the strands of packaged similar colored flosses.   This is another one that I bet won't be in my rotation long.   It should be a relatively quick stitch.  

I did a bit of re-arranging my project order when not only could I not find the fabric but I also don't have the symbol key in my Little House Needlework - Heart of America.   Well, if you look closely at the top right of my project progress on October Spooks, you can see the Heart of America fabric mounted on my stretcher bars, waiting in my project basket  right where it has been for the last 3 weeks.  Typical.....if it was a snake it would have bit me!

Already off to a good start on Day IX.  Today's piece is Lizze Kate's The ABC's of Aging.   Love it!   I think I must have been a scribe in a former life because I like alphabets.   I even doodle my ABC's down the side of my steno pad in a meeting lull.  I have discovered through the first 9 days journey that I believe my favorite fabric to stitch on is cashel.  I like the weight of it, the uniformity of it, the feel of it.   I think before the day is done, I will have more progress to show.

I hope to finish up the storing of decorations early on today and have a quick trip to the market for the week and then back to stitching this evening.  Before this garlands lands in the yard sale box (it is over 30 years old and owes me nothing!!!)  I needed a last look at the garland on the front porch.   I love the red and green against the white snow. 


Danielle said...

I just bought that Lizzie Kate kit yesterday! Is that light mocha cashel you are using? I love your start on this. Lizzie Kate is my favorite designer. And my favorite fabric is cashel also.

Bev said...

oh i havent seen the LK design before i think i could do with that one, thats another to add to the wish list, good start!

Jodie said...

Hey Robin! I agree, catching up with a friend is well worth the trade-off! I had a similar problem last week and found myself frantically starting a project at 11pm...yikes! I'm so excited that you're stitching ABCs of Aging...I love that one...can't wait to see your progress on it!

ohiofarmgirl said...

I think this would be too overwhelming for me. I will be happy just to watch as you stitch away! Blessings, Dianntha

Siobhan said...

I like your starts thus far! :)

Pumpkin said...

You are off to a great start!

Looks like you've got snow down there :o)