Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More goodies from Massachusetts

Technically from New Hamphire but acquired on my recent trip to Massachuesetts.   Does this happend to everyone?   We sorted and gathered items to donate at the Savers Store - like a Goodwill store.   We stopped, donated and then shopped and came away with more than we left?   What is up with that???    This is some of what I got......

I have a collection of Hoosier Glass vases. I don't know why these fascinate me other a woman I met at a friend's house party who conducts past life coaching told me I probably lived in the 1930's (?? huh?) Anyway, I am drawn to things of that era. This is what I was able to snag up at Savers - for only $1.99 each! Yeah!

It's hard to read but is does say "Hoosier"
I added these to my existing collection of Hoosier Glassware. Maybe I like these vases because I tend to be 'thrifty' and can't justify the higher cost of the other Hoosier Glassware. At any rate, I may have reached my quota of Hoosier vases since I have run out of room atop my dry sink and pie safe.

I don't know what I plan to do with them....a couple in the back are collecting wine bottle corks and I do use them for flower arrangements. 

Another not so good pix that doesn't show they both have the poinsettia pattern.  It matters not, I use the mugs everyday.
I also snagged this cutie of a glass dish.   I recognized the pattern as Princess House and it matches the mugs I treasure from my mother's estate.   I think I might have paid $4.99 and if any of you remember Princess House prices from those home parties of yesterday, you know I got a deal.  

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Meari said...

I would've never known they were Hoosier glassware. Kudos to you for acquiring the glass.