Sunday, June 5, 2011

My kingdom for DMC 815!

And why do pix flip when you don't want
them to and won't when you do!!
How can one person have so many skeins of floss and not have the one number they need? Gee, any one idenify with that? Trouble is, I know, I am positive, I bought it specifically for this project when I ran out when I was working on this in my i-Challenge rotation.  The alphabet section is complete except for #815 - Garnet!

For this month, I am putting the goal out there to finished Blessed Beyond Measure and Pine Mountain's October.   Both should be quick stitches and I am ready to cross off some more in my i-Challenge.  I think I will throw in the Just Nan Needle Tweets.  I hope I am not mistaken by the overall size and am not wrong in assuming "small" = "quick".   I need to get some of these WIP's moved off the list since I have two upcoming classes I have signed on for.   One - A Case for Color - Gay Ann Rogers and Two - a Danish Counted Thread Class with Jette Roy Finlay-Heath.  Do you do that too?  Sign up for classes and then think "Why did I do that?" knowing you have a dozen WIP's and some are from previous classes like my Wendy White piece from Celebrations.

I've only spent two days on each of these during my rotations.
 At least that is all that is list from when  I was logging
 the days stitching each project.
Logging the days has gone the wayside!

Yesterday was a perfect day - the weather was gorgeous and I set my limits with the yard work. I love yard work and actually don't consider it work. It used to be I'd work in the yard til the sun set and come inside dead tired. My new m.o. is to work outside until about 3 or 4, come in shower, and then I have the whole evening to stitch or sew. My two favorite things, balanced. Oops, fit in reading. I managed to cozy up on my deck with a cup of coffee, listen to the birds sing and flip through blogs I follow on my iPad and catch up on everyones postings.  

Some of the rewards for the yard work.  Enjoying my flowers.   I love to always have a bouquet on my table. 
Mr. Wonderful left for drum corp Friday for the weekend.  Why is it, we get so much more done and stick to our schedules better when hubby's are not underfoot?  Some may not like the solitude of a husband that travels, but I really enjoy the alone time.....I do admit by the end of the weekend, I am having full conversations with Baby Kat.


Peggy Lee said...

I really miss my Masterchief when he must leave for work but HOLY COW...I sure do get alot accomplished while he's gone! ;o)

I ran back to check my stash for DMC #815 and wouldn't you know it I have EVERY color around it but not that one. If you don't have a LNS I would be glad to run down to Paul's Discount and grab you some! He has everything from tractor tires to fine linens in that place.

Anonymous said...

Boy Robyn I think you got a lot accomplished. I am like you I love it when Hubby takes his fishing and hunting trips - 2 weeks of me time and not feeling bad because I stitch or read all day. Everything is looking good what you got finished. I have hardly stitched since OC week end as we have been in the pool every day just about all day.

Diane H.

Meari said...

Your deck looks heavenly!

I think we all have experienced the "having every color, but..." scenario. lol

I agree -- we do seem to get more done when the other 1/2 is not around.