Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oldest WIP Update

I've made a lot of progress on quite a few of my WIPs however, not all have been of the stitching variety.  Going room by room I am cleaning up odd little things that remain unfinished here and there. It is a good feeling to cross things off that have been on my to-do list for too too long.  Laundry Room paint touch ups, cutting and installing the additional shelving and organizing - Check; Spackling, sanding and painting the Dining Room crown modeling where is separated at the joints - Check; caulking the last wall of the crown model top and bottom in the bathroom - Check!  But enough, on to stitchie things.

Most of my time this last month has been dedicated to working on the assembly of the Petit Sampling Etui. I have 24 hours into it with probably another six to eight hours at least. I am at the point where I am joining outsides to linings and inserting gussets....it is the home stretch...or so I am telling myself.  So far, not terribly difficult but I may need a second set of hands during the next phase of assembly.

I did do a tiny bit on The Sheltering Tree.  Hopefully next month I will have more progress to share on it and on my oldest UFO - My Stitching Room  - to which I added not a stitch to this last month.  


Colleen said...

Congrats on working on your home list. Wonderful feeling to cross off the list. Petit Etui is beautiful. Happy stitching & Spackling, hammering, sanding, etc!!

Catherine said...

What a pretty project!

cucki said...

Keep well dear..
Sending you big hugs
Cucki xcx

Ellen said...

WOW--you are doing a terrific job with assemblying the etui. Sorry that I'm not closer to help with that extra set of hands you want.

Would love to show photos of the finished etui on my blog.