Thursday, April 19, 2012

This is a rant

for sure.......did you ever have one of those days? It started when I must have hit the snooze alarm on my phone before I bounded immediately into the shower because I hear it beeping again while I have soap in my eyes and a perturbed spouse with the eye roll which is saying.....don't you know how to use your phone?  This means I have broken the morning cone of silence.   Soap rinsed, dressed, hair dried and I am on the way to get gas at the truck stop on the interstate before my Thursday morning breakfast meeting. It really is breakfast with my BFF at work. We are in different departments (her in IT and me the Mahogany Row Admin) and we can't ever seem to ever get a lunch once a week we meet at 6:30 for breakfast. As usual, side-track Robin, I am off-course with my whole random rant. So, back to the gas I pull away, it happens.....a horrible awful grinding. Now I know what bad breaks sound like and I know they sound that way when applied.....well girlfriends, I was coasting and it was happening and it was worse than any brake squeal I have ever heard. After a conversation with "Goober Pyle" at the gas pump and getting out and looking at my front left wheel - like I know what I was looking at???  I white knuckle it back on the interstate, over the bridge and  to the Toyota dealer and I am in line at 6:30 waiting for them to open at 7. Thank goodness I've got the best BFF in the world, I call her at the diner where she is waiting for me, she pays for her coffee and she is there in a flash to take me to work. So the verdict is brakes and yes, they can go just like that (really?)  and some explanation about exposure and rust-lip as to why they were making that horrible noise even when not braking.  Even better, a check up shows my serpentine belt has some cracks in it.  Lucky for me I took the car in today because I have a 3 1/2 hour drive to my son's Friday for the weekend, a trip to the beach next weekend and then a trip to Boston the following weekend.  So $350 later, and a little divine intervention, ensures I am fit to travel.

Once at work,  a woman argues with about how long I have had my car;  how I am allowing the dealership to rip me off making repairs I don't need; and, how I have now compromised the integrity of my car by getting it repaired......can you say lunatic?  Geez!  Take a chill pill.

Next I sit in my officer meeting-a-palooza marathon and doodle nonsensically when they get off topic and somehow the other Executive Admins forgot to get rescue me when it was time to drive to the state capitol for a luncheon.   Fine, I'll stay and just sit on the curb in the parking lot and eat worms.

When I get home what do I find in the mail but a Jury Duty envelope with my name on it!  I am to report on the Monday I am in Boston!  How does that work?  My day is sucking!

I was hoping for a little TLC, a little sympathy but I get "What the H E Double-hockey sticks are you doing when you drive?  How the heck did you wear them out in 50,000 miles? I had 75,000 on my truck and never replaced them.  You must drive like a maniac!"  My response was I do a lot of stop and going driving (which would mean I brake more.) and Mr. He is Not So Wonderful Tonight tells me that has nothing to do with it.   Huh?  Use it more, wear it out quicker? Makes sense to me but I guess because I am a 'girl' I can't make sense.

I was so happy to get out the door to Stitch n Bitch night and let him sit in his garage with the stupid cat!  (sorry kitty).  I am thankful that my car could be fixed, no one got hurt and no one died and I got in my stitching time. In that perspective, it was a good day.


Chris said...

Sorry for your crappy day. All brake pads are not created equal.
Sitiching always helps.
I hope that you have a wonderful weekend to make up for it.

Denise said...

Wow, what a day! Guess that means today can only get better. Sorry it had to be like that.

Christina said...

I love that you finished on a positive note! That's one heck of a yucky day. I hope tomorrow is better. If it makes you feel any better my car is constantly in the garage being repaired. We only bought it last July! I will never buy a Mercedes again! My previous car was a Ford and in the 2 years I had it, I didn't spend a single penny on it!

Carol B said...

Considering the day you had it's nice to see that you didn't lose your sense of humor :-) I notice that you're in the Boston area. Do you plan to go to Celebrations of Needlework in Nashua next weekend?

Cathy Pavlovich said...

I hope today was a better one! When it comes to cars, stuff happens! And, Goober Pyle -- LOL!!!

Catherine said...

What a horrid day! I hope things have been going better since then!