Monday, May 7, 2012

Lots to share..

but that will have to wait for another time.    For now, I am home to stay for a few weeks.   It all started on April 13th, a meet and greet on a Friday followed by two days of class; the next weekend a 3 1/2 drive for a 3 day weekend to State College PA;  then followed by a 2 hour drive for a 4-day weekend in Ocean City, MD; and, wrapped it up with 350 miles to Lowell, Mass for 5 I have missed  my WIP's post, and Oldest UFO post and probably a TUSAL post.    2,000 miles on my car in under four weeks and four weekends in a row away....good thing Mr. Wonderful has been Mr. Wonderful about it.

I take my iPad with me and not my laptop and I am not 100% savvy on posting and uploading pix to my blog from my iPad.   Challenged is probably better than saying not 100% savvy.  Case in point, I was trying to add 'pins' to my 'map' on Facebook and confused my sister when I somehow posted I was in Ocean City and not Lowell, Mass......keep them guessing is what I say.  No one really knew where I was!!!

For today, this is what I wanted to share.  It was so beautiful.   ~~Walden Pond State Park~~

View as you descend from the main road.

This is the view Thoreau had from his cabin.   
On the ride home this morning, my daughter and I took a detour and stopped in Concord, Massachusetts to visit Walden Pond.   Walden Pond, made famous by Henry David Thoreau, is a beautiful place.   It was well worth the hour detour off the interstate and the hour to walk around the pond.  We would be wise to live simply as Thoreau strived to do.

Once I catch my breath I will share posts of purchases, anecdotes, finishes and more Walden Pond.  I am looking forward to a weekend home (after going to my guild meeting of course) and playing in my gardens!


Catherine said...

You've been busy!! Such a lovely place ~ looks very peaceful.

Barb said...

Whewwww! At least I know u r back in the area!

Sarah Lampesalot said...

LOVE Walden Pond. Concord is about an hour east of where Josh and I were living when we met and I visited that spot a few times. Amazing that when Thoreau lived there it was the boonies and now it is smack dab in the prime Boston suburbs. So glad they preserved it... I nice little peaceful oasis!