Monday, June 25, 2012

The embarrassment may jump start me

My bedroom redo is at a stand still. Actually it really never got off the drawing board so it is a non-start. I never put my energy into the bedroom decor since the rest of the house is what people saw. It is now time to create myself a nice little, inviting retreat. I figure if I endure the shame of sharing the horrid mismatch of stuff hopefully it might shame me spur me into action.
And there is the question of where to put the treadmill.....I do use it, just not in the summer.

The inspiration piece - Sweetheart Tree
There are only two things I like about the bedroom decor - the paint color/Tiffany box blue and the colors in my pseudo quilt. I have fabric swatches on the wall, I think I want to put up botanical prints on the wall, my daughter is giving me a petite little armchair she no longer wants and all I have to do is get a slipcover for it. 
 I can make a little stitching/tv watching/reading corner. Part of my delay -- nothing to do with me starting a cazillion projects, trying to spread my time between them all and not finishing any -- has been the fabric choice. 

I think this is the perfect fabbie to pull the whites/blues/browns out of  the quilt and my accents.    
Maybe I will accent with  Lime Green and not Hunter Green.....hmmmm.
 Now that I decided, with the seal of approval from my sister -- the one that can take a box of junk and make it into something awesome that I could never envision -- I have to wait for a sale at Joann's. I estimate six yards for the curtains since the decorator fabrics are 60 wide and with the regular price at $40 per yard it is a definite coupon purchase. I don't want to break my record of never paying full price if I can find away around it. 

And the Hope is not my style or taste but it was from Mr. W. in 1974 so regardless of decor, it stays. I came up with yet another brilliant idea, that could stay on my mental project list forever, to cover a cushion in coordinating fabric to the curtains and make a skirted slip cover to throw over the Hope Chest. Brilliant, right? And it sure sounds simple. Even though Mr. W. has a chair on his side of the bed, he sits on the chest to put his shoes and socks on every day. It is not like I ever open the Hope is full of baby clothes that I was saving for grandchildren and since I only have grand-dogs maybe it is time to weed out the old girl. 

But I need not get ahead of myself, I am still gathering ideas for this DIY makeover. 

I did manage a few stitches last night once I pried myself out of the pool and before the excitement started last night. You know how you are are pins and needles waiting to get that next report on an ER trip? Thank goodness for texting. Numerous texts and calls and a 1 a.m emergency appendectomy for my daughter-in-law. I was ready to pack my car and drive the 4 hours this morning if they needed me. It is times like this that it is hard being far away from your kids. Once a mom, always a mom I guess. She came threw great. It was done laproscopically and my son was able to take the week off to be with her.  

Now for more looking around Pinterest and Houz for decorating ideas and maybe I will work on a possible new furniture arrangement for the bedroom tomorrow and then again maybe I will get distracting by something else shiny that catches my fancy!


Catherine said...

Your bedroom looks very comfy! Mine is a huge mess!

Chris said...

I am sure that you will come up with a great plan for your bedroom.
Glad to hear that your DIL is doing fine and recovering.
Pretty stitches :)

Ma Teakettle said...

Gee looks to be a very inviting room to me :) When should I arrive? LOL
Your WIP is gorgeous...I love the blue.
I am so glad that your DIL is came through her surgery well(I had my appendix out in '87)and that she is now on the road to recovery. It IS so hard to be far away...when my youngest broke his ankle back in Feb., it was the longest night of my life waiting to get the updates from him...he is 6 hrs away from us.
Take care, kiddo