Monday, October 8, 2012

Before and After for September - Posting for WIPocalypse Challenge

A little explanation is needed.    The blog post title is for my WIPocalypse Challenge October Posting that I am participating.  I knew what I meant, but alas, it doesn't make sense to readers as was pointed out to me.

Here to show the progress of the two main pieces I have in my rotation to stitch on.   I am pushing to get both of these completed (or at least closer to completion) before the first of the year when I will be starting a SAL.

Blue Ribbon Designs - A Little Quakeresque

Now - not much to show - not really enjoying this one right now.  I had all these mathematic calculations of how fast I could finish if I did one section of the honeycomb each day......well that went out the window about a year and a half ago!    Maybe that is my stumbling block - projecting a completion schedule.   Better drop that notion right now if I even hope to cross this off the the WIP list anytime soon and save the calculations to the Social Security webpage as Mr. W. and I contemplate retirement.  (Came home from retreat and forgot all about how I talked with friends of when I could/would retire only to have Mr. W. say he wants to sit down and run the numbers. OMG!  crafting and stitching any day/all day if I want!!)  

Drawn Thread - Random Thoughts

Now - really am liking work on this one.   It has become my traveling project.  There is an "L" and a motif on the left that I want to complete and then plan to put this aside to dedicate time to some other projects......only to return to this one in a week or two I am sure.


britt( said...

If you retire, you should visit Amy more often :-) We can get into so much trouble!!!

Ma Teakettle said...

Gorgeous WIPs, Robin! I love them both.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that the numbers crunch well and retirement is just around the corner. ❤

cucki said...

wow beautiful stitching..
love xxx

Joysze said...

Robin, stitching looks great. :D

Deb said...

They are both wonderful project Robin. I like both of them because of the different things going on with them - the different designs in the first one and the second.

Chris said...

Beautiful progress! I love both of these projects!
I hope that the numbers work out!!