Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Stitching Post

Spent the day with my sister.   We have become closer and closer as the years have gone by and seem to have more and more similar interests.   A day together is sure to bring adventure, laughter and silliness.  First I helped her make her quilt 'sandwich' with the backing, batting and top piece.  Is this like crazy pretty?    I gave her a 1/2 day quilting lesson last year and she has taken off like gangbusters.   I bet she has finished 5  quilt tops to my one.   But then again, she is least that is what I tell myself to feel better.   I am so happy that she has taken up sewing again and pretty soon she will be teaching me a trick or two if she continues with the classes she is now taking.

 She claims this is easier than it looks........
We broke for lunch and hit a couple of shops downtown.   There is so much to do and see where she lives so we did a bit of exploring and stopped in some shops neither of us had visited before.   

Next we hit the new Amish Market for lunch.  YUM!    I had to buy the chocolate covered bacon.   Now before you think eeeeeuuuuuuuuwwwww!  You need to keep an open mind and try it sometime.   Just like the salt and sweet in chocolate covered pretzels but better because it has bacon.....and in our house, bacon rules anyway.   

After lunch we headed back to her house to tackle a pattern we bought at a quilt show last year. The salesgirl made it look so simple.  It is just a table runner with trees that alternate directions.  We let me say, it sure put us in a couple of directions!   My sister's colors below - she really has an eye for color combinations. (sorry - it's a phone pic)

 This is what we are supposed to be making - sorry for the glare! Another phone pic
  My fabrics
And last but not least - my stray from the path of the straight and narrow.   This is "Jingle all the way" by Scarlett House.   I am stitching it on 30 CT WDW Kudzu which is an awesome color in person.   I just love the fabric.   I really like when I get the chance to stitch on something other than navy bean or pearled barley or antique white.   It is like coloring outside the lines.  
 "Jingle" is supposed to be on a straight line but I mixed it up a bit.   All I need to do is add the snowflakes and stitch it up as a pillow!
 I know I was planning on putting up holiday decorations today but just like cobwebs and dusting, decorating can wait....the day with my sister was worth it. And on that note, I think she and I need to make a standing date to spend the day together and stitch, antique, craft, giggle, eat lunch out or whatever.    I'll have to propose a day to the last Saturday of the month or something like least until I retire (83 months away!) and then it can be more often!


cucki said...

Wow beautiful stitching and lovely fabric..
Big hugs x

Anonymous said...

Sisters are always worth it!!


Susan said...

Sounds like a great day. Love the colors in your sister's quilt. She did a great job of piecing. I have that same pattern of trees, probably from the same booth at Oaks. Yours will be done way before mine!