Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I got nothing people

No stitching progress, nothing going on, no anecdotes.   Nil, nada, nothing.  It's the same stuff, different day.   I try to make Monday's my 'do nothing' night since I usually ram all weekend.  We all  need down time.  So with the exception of my annual physical and my flu shot last night, I was successful at doing nothing.

Hopefully tonight I will get the all the Halloween decorations that are boxed up out of the house and into the attic of the man cave.  (It's not as bad as it sounds.....we did not have Trick or Treat until Nov. 5th because of Hurricane Sandy. And one would have to stay home now and again to finish these little jobs.)

Ok, boss in Philly all day and you would think that would mean I would coast today but I think I will head into work in a few minutes to dig into the mess on my desk.   Thinks are starting to pile up this time of the year and I need to get a jump on it before it makes me (more) crazy.  Don't you find that when your to do list is so long it can be overwhelming?  For today, I will use the touch it once and handle it method and I know before the day is done a lot will be accomplished.

Happy Tuesday all.


cucki said...

my dear friend..i am sending you lots of big hugs..
keep well x

Cathy Pavlovich said...

I feel like that a lot! Like I have nothing to contribute to my blog. But it's nice to hear from you and I look forward to seeing your stitching.