Saturday, December 22, 2012

I am ready!

I am all ready for  Christmas.   Wrapping, done.  Decorating, done.  Grocery shopping, done.  Cookies will be done tomorrow.  Major cleaning, done.   Can always use the spruce up and tidying up.

 This is for Amy - my daughter from Massachusetts.   She always arrives home and has to help me finish wrapping.   I am ashamed to say that some years she has even wrapped her own!   But look at this  Ta-Da!  I did it with time to spare.  It feels so good with 10 days off in front of me.

 Teddy Bears are ready

I am also done mounting some of my projects for next year.   Oooohhhhh!  I want to start but the challenge with my EGA doesn't start until January 1st.   Not sure which I will tackle first and I am sure I won't stick to it exclusively.   Good 'ole side-track Robin is sure to get bored and wander project to project.

So here's wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season to each of you.   I love the comments as much as I love following each of you in your trek through a stitching project or through life.  Stay safe and dry and have a healthy and prosperous new year.   And let's start those 26 random acts of kindness.   I know I have!


cucki said...

Merry Christmas dear x

Catherine said...

Wish I looked that ready!! It all looks lovely! Enjoy!

Lynn said...

Robin is that a stitched tree on the piece of furniture next to the real tree? It's really nice!