Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ever have one of those days UPDATED

(scroll to the bottom - Diane shared a photo of her progress)
when you kind of just loaf around until about 1?   Well I did today.   I think it is because the body and the mind were telling me I need some down time.   I haven't slept well all week so I just watched old episodes of Law and Order and napped on the couch and am embarrassed to say I didn't even shower or get dressed until 1.   Good thing no one popped over for a visit.  They might have been seen running down the highway to put as much distance between us as possible.

Once I got moving, I really put it in gear.    I am really enjoying the current book I am reading and read for 54 minutes while on the treadmill. (54 minutes??? why not 60???)  The book is called "Sentence of Marriage" of the Promises to Keep series by Shayne Parkinson.

I took time cleaning my email inbox, going through stacks of mail and magazines and reviewed my cruise itinerary and made sure I put my eyeballs on my passport!  That was a relief.   I kind of knew where it was but still I wanted to see it.  

I managed to get my mind wrapped around my volunteer Secretary/Treasurer work and made fabulous progress - final reports completed, budget amended and filed, grants applied for, blah, blah, blah.    And  those other nagging little bits they ask you to follow up on at a meeting in addition to your duties?   Yeah, that stuff.   Sometimes I just don't know where to start with it all so I don't....I put it off because I keep telling myself I don't feel like it, I'm too tired or don't have the time. Excuses!   OMG - I can hearing the preaching to my kids when they were in school that you have the time if you take the time and I am eating those words now.

It's also good because I really need to put some time in on the website I have to redevelop for my stitching guild.   Not to worry, I know I will be so happy to be completed I will surely post a link.   In addition to revamping the website, I am launching a blog for them.   Unlike my stitching where I can flit from project to project I just haven't been able to justify working on the guild's website and blog when I had so much to do (computerwise) for my board.   But that is done and I hope to be able to announce progress and beta test everything by our February meeting.   What......with 8 days in the Carribean thrown in there.....maybe I should be kinder to myself and set that goal as between the Feb. and March meetings.

 As for stitching - my needle is flying through Oh Tannebaum!   I am really loving working on this piece.   I think because I am seeing progress so quickly.   The old die hard that I am that always stitched in hand has found stitching can be so much faster on a scroll frame.   Who says you can't teach on old dog new trick.

Pat has just started her's and I hope I will see her progress at stitching night on Thursday.   Carol has not started her's yet.   And far away Diane started hers from the top down.   (New) Diane shared her photo of her progress.   She said she had put it aside for the last few days and says she is now energized to finish. Damn! I was proud of my progress until I see how far she has gotten.   I will have to find out when she started and then perhaps I won't be bummed!

For now, a big bowl of homemade bean soup is waiting for me and then it will be stitching time while I  watch Downton Abbey.   I am sure I will watch last week's episode as well when they rerun it tonight.    If you are a following you should watch the PBS show on the Castle of High Clefe (sp?) for a behind the scenes look and interview with the family that lives in what we know as Downton Abbey.    They rent it to the show for 4 months each year for the filming.

OK, the smell of the soup and the fresh biscuits are calling me.


Catherine said...

Yep.....had one of those days today....especially hard to get going when is ppt is dreary and foggy all day!

Jennifer M. said...

Sometimes lazy days are needed. :) Your stitching looks great. An 8 day Caribbean cruise sounds like a dream.


Ranae said...

We all need some down time, but more importantly stitch time, lol
Your making good progress
Keep up the great stitching

Parsley said...

Love those kinds of days. Great progress on your stitching.