Monday, February 4, 2013


I don't like them.   Real quick here since I am a bit challenged.   Mr. W. decided I needed a new laptop and since he is the IT person here I just go along with him.   If he says it is time, then I guess it it.  Well my new baby is a MacBookAir and it is a little different to get used to.  See, like a car where all I need to know is put the key in, put gas in and put Robin in, I don't need to know about tera bytes, giga bytes, client based, web based, Clouds and other stuff.   I just want my 'stuff' where I can find it and work with it.

But let me digress - Mr. W. who doesn't leave the house or yard except for work wanted to go to the mall to the Apple Store rather than order it from Amazon which is how he purchases EVERYTHING! Trust me there was no happier man in all of the mid-Atlantic states when he realized he could order his socks and underwear through Amazon.  The trip was worth it because I believe I saw Papa Smurf disguised as one of the salesmen and then there was the guy in the camouflage kilt.   I believe he was of the Macintosh Clan - get it - Macintosh/Apple store.  Oh, I crack myself up!  I wish I was savy enough to take a picture with my cell phone without actually standing and holding it like a camera and being oh so obvious.
I did manage to download a pix from the Internet and then find it in the strange array of what is now my files.    As for all my other photos......I know they are in there somewhere but they are no longer nice and neat in dated folders by category.   Maybe  I was a little OCD with how I stored them but it made sense if you were looking for Christmas 2005.......

Things are different like there is no right click of the mouse or touch pad.   It is control and touch the pad.  You can 'swipe' the screen and change pages and I almost lost this post that way.  So the learning curve is there and I have all my files but they don't seem to be in the same folder hierarchy as I had them before the migration.  So I am struggling a bit.   The screen is much smaller than my old laptop and I am hoping I can adjust to it.   I have two weeks to try it and if not satisfied, I can exchange it.   Wow.    Another Cool thing is they offer training classes and the first free Saturday, I am there!

Tomorrow - I hope to be able to manage a post on O' Tannebaum!  My first finish of 2013.   So excited and so pleased with it.    Until then I will be hunting and pecking about this new device to get acquainted.


Mylene said...

I am pretty much the same, i am lost without hubby's help as well as my 17 year old daughter. I cannot work without a mouse...the trouble is i don't give myself time to learn...i rather stitch but have to try though..

Julie M said...

Ya, change sucks. I'm not good at it either! Adam bought me a new computer for Christmas and I am still not used to it or the keyboard. Hopefully the training class with help you and before long you'll feel right at home!

Melissa said...

Hang in there. I was a windows user for a LONG time before switching to a mac. They're a little hard to get used to at first and I still don't have a good understand of how the files systems works BUT it's a much better computer and much let prone to bugs that some Windows computers are. Just one thing I don't understand... why not call the Internet the Internet??? WHY Safari???? lol

Andrea said...

I don't like change either, but I suppose it's something we must do. Just seems the older we get the less we know!