Sunday, April 21, 2013

Catching up

First let me tell you that I now know Dr. Robin has no business doctoring herself.   I seem to have lost about 5 days this last week with a bad sinus infection.   Seriously, two days with a high fever I don't really remember at all.  Feeling so bad I didn't even stitch.  I now feel 100% better but not yet 100% after dragging myself into the local Med Express yesterday.

But enough, three RX's on the counter and I am turning the much needed corner to a bright new week that will end with a seaside retreat in Ocean City, MD.   That was the incentive to going to the doctor - the need to be better to be able to enjoy four days at the beach :-)".

So here's what I did manage to accomplish because the inner control freak in me would not give in to mere germs and the sofa with hot tea, blankie and chicken soup until I was much sicker than I realized.

I sanded off the old finish, re-stain and poly my dining room table to now better match my chairs.
Goodbye beautiful flawless incorrect maple finish and hello new finish.   This time since I now had the chairs in hand I stained the rails for the leaves and did a color match with the chairs before proceeding.  

My discerning eye is not quite happy with the brush strokes I see in the center section but that is for a June weekend when I can air the VOC's out of the house.  I don't have a garage or basement so the finer parts of refinishing must be done in-house.

I did a bit of rearranging switching out my dry sink and the desk.   I also took down the christmas tree and passed it on to my sister.  It was our mother's and must be 40 years old.  My sister has decorated it somehow with a sewing theme which I can't wait to see.   She could have been an interior decorator that sister of mine.   She can take a box of junk and create the neatest arrangement from nothing.  But again, I am off track.

I shopped my house and swapped out a few pieces from other rooms.  I replaced the heavier bench I had with the lighter one on the left - all ready to provide that extra holiday seating.

I pull some black wrought iron in to complement the black on the chairs.  I  may need to do some editing with accessories, but this too, stands ready for pies and cakes when holidays come.

Last but not least, I moved "Ike", the fern,  and my $10 flea market table to the corner.   I am not sure what will reside here once Ike is moved outside for the summer.   I do think at that time I will refinish the table to match the finish on the chairs by painting it black and distressing the edges to have the wood show through.

Overall happy and the room is clean and (nearly) completed.


Catherine said...

Hope you feel 100% soon! Your house looks lovely!!

Magical Mysterytour said...

It looks lovely :) Your hard work is really showing!

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

everything looks immaculate and beautifully presented - With three kids in the house I'm on damage control, maybe one day when they've all grown up and left home my dining room will look like yours - hey I said maybe?

cucki said...

its looking so lovely x