Tuesday, May 28, 2013

And yet again

another non-stitching post, but I promise once I start putting needle and thread together again there will be some stitching progress to share.

Remember my 'sidewalk to no where'?  Landscaper finally was onsite to remove this hunk of junk.   For 31 years I have edged, power washed but mostly cringed over this sidewalk to no where.   It used to go to the entrance to the former owner's in-home insurance office but access has been walled over and now that doorway leads only to a 4 x 4 area where we store ladders. 

Hmmm, I can see it is time for me to powerwash the siding again.  Needs to warm up a bit first.

Here's another before and after

And now for a stress buster......a little moving of my mulch will help me get out some of that aggression I've been feeling as well as maybe help me drop a pound or two along the way.     Now that the extra work hours are dialed backa bit and I have taken a week of crashing early to recover, this is what is keeping me from my stitching.  It has always been a healthy rivalry between the yard work and stitching.    It is such a good tired when you put in a long day of yard work and sit back and survey your accomplishments........ahhhh.........ouch the aches and pains the next day.


Sarah Lampesalot said...

Wow...looks awesome!!!

Penny said...

Your yard looks so pretty!

Mylene said...

It is looking great, Robin.

Julie M said...

Robin that looks wonderful!

blue star stitcher said...

It looks so much better without that weird sidewalk there.