Sunday, May 19, 2013

Learning Lessons

Right up front, sorry for the non stitching rant

Well folks I sure have been an absentee blogger on both the posting and following sides.  Ever get caught spiraling out of control and find yourself running amuck?   Well that is where I have been.  My eagerness not to disappoint,  the love of job and my boss and covering multiple positions have  made for an extremely overworked and tired little lady here.   I don't mind the workload or the hours until I start to resent all I can't get done at home because I am too tired from the extra hours seem to move through my days zombie like.  I can be my own worst enemy getting worked up because the yard, or the house, or my crafting is not getting my attention. I get a bit irritated that I rise each morning with Mr. W.  only to come home and he is already in bed!   And then I got myself into a little health scare albeit self-imposed.  Eight weeks of pulling into the driveway over 12 hours after I have left and then with logging in from home over the weekend has caused me to snap at people,  have headaches and an overwhelming feeling for dread for my job which just exacerbates the whole situation.  Top that with being a stress eater and no time or energy to work out.   Co-workers, you know the type, we all have one in the workplace that is condescending and seemingly passes judgement like it is my fault someone had a heart attack and someone else was transferred and yet someone else is a new position and I have to help pull it all together and make it work.

I kind of was short with one such person which she began sharing with the entire floor after  barking at me....."you'd better watch your blood pressure" and har-humpft away telling anyone who would listen....she didn't know what wrong with me.  To some co-workers it is unfathomable what my workload or current pressure is like which is also irritating to me.  You know that saying about let the sleeping dog lie.....that is how we handle this type of person....better to have the pooch taking a nap than annoy him and have him snarl at you.   This type of fellow employee reminds me of how Fred Sanford used to grab his chest and yell..."it's the big one", some will throw  a fit with real tears...."I don't know why the other girls don't include me" type of drama.

So more to the point.....I guess I should thank this person.......they got me thinking in my weakened, overtired mind that OMGosh, maybe I have developed high blood pressure and my brain went off in all directions.  A quick Internet search of high blood pressure provided no reassurance just left the words bouncing off  brain else..... the silent off to the doctors I went remembering I waited too long back in April when I had a sinus infection and bronchitus.   I am happy to report a BP of 110/70 .....can't get much better than that.  I  felt a bit foolish for wasting the Drs. time and gushed about my current woes of life to my doctor of 30 years.   He was ever so  patient with the DX that it is stress and I need to try meditation, exercise more and walk away from work at a decent hour.  So DX noted, RX noted and a weekend at my daughter's is just what the doctor ordered.  Funny thing when I could sleep in here with no alarm to go off,  no laptop to log into work, no household chores to get into,  the damned birds start their chirping  at 4:30 in the morning in the city just like they do at home!  But I am enjoying the quiet time to myself and catching up on what everyone has been up to.  I plan to turn on the lights shortly and get out the stitching I brought with me and stitch until my #1D and S-in-L  wake up.

I hope to be home by early afternoon and get in some yard time, I hope to be able to convince Mr. W. to grill something for us for dinner, and I hope to do a bit of  stitching on my front porch after an early evening shower and I vow NOT to VPN into work at all tonight.

Sorry for my ranting and raving but I think it is all part of my much needed de-stressing.   A dear friend told me once that when you have trouble to take pen to paper and start writing it all down....the troubles will flow down your arm and out of your body and onto the paper.  Sounds weird but it does work....when you write the problem down it does seem to flow out of your body and not seem so glad that tapping away at an iPad seems to work the same way.

Here's to a great week for all and to me staying on the straight and narrow and working human hours and maybe I will even have some stitching progress to report next week.


Nancy said...

Glad to see that you are now taking care of yourself. You will not be worth anything to anyone if you don't do it. Why don't you do what you need to during the week but finish up at a decent hour on Fridays and leave work at work!!! It gives you a break and then during the stressful week you can look toward the weekend and know that the break is coming. Good luck to you!!! And, I think the birds wake up at 4:30 everywhere. Even here in Vegas. LOL

Lisa M said...

First I hope you have a lovely morning stitching :) Being 'unplugged' is sometimes the best part of a holiday.

You don't know me but I can sympathize :) (I'm a stitcher) With stress sometimes a forum just to vent is helpful. I find if I talk about work stress to family and friends they offer advice, I think they feel that they have to try and help, because they care, but often it's not helpful. They don't work where I do, so they don't know the intricacies and personalities involved. Then it's easy to not talk about it all. Vent away.

Susan said...

Sorry to hear you are so stressed! We missed you at the guild meeting, but it sounds like you had a good weekend with your daughter.

Mylene said...

Sounds familiar...
Hope your week going better.