Sunday, August 18, 2013

Closet Clean - out

Pardon the wrinkles.  Just popped this off the Q-snaps long enough to take a picture.
I stitched a bit this morning......I am over half way on my class piece.   Yeah!   I really hope to get this completed by mid-to-end of September.   Retreat is the first weekend of October and I already have a piece in mind I want to start!!   And then there is Grace Mason of course that I need to stitch on and then the stitch-a-long with guild....of my!  Too much to stitch and not enough hours in a day. As I stitched this morning, I was watching House of Cards (thanks Pat!!)  Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and others....really quite excellent. Talk about corruption in government.   This show is really quite believable and frightening at the same time when you realize this probably only scratches the surface of the secrets, favors, personal agendas, wheelings and dealings that actually go on.    I understand there is a British version too for those folks on the other side of the pond! Anyway,  after three episodes I needed to get up and get moving so I could justify a good sit 'n stitch later today.

I decided I needed to tackle my closet today since it is a kind of showery, gray, misty sort of I don't want to be outside kind of day.    So to the closet I went........this is what the the floor usually looks like by the end of the week (the part I am willing to show you).

Mr. W. gets in bed at 8.   Heck, I
am mostly likely not even home yet or if I am, I am not inside yet, so it makes keeping the closet neat difficult.   By the time I decide to get undressed for the night he is in dreamland and I need to be quiet so I just kick off the shoes, etc., etc.  This of course has lead to a grand sort out of all things in the closet today.   It is kind of the August ritual that developed when I used to have to assess who had what and who needed what to start school....but enough.

More important, I  did just want to share this trick for cleaning and sorting out clothes in the closet.  I read this's what you do......for one year every time you wear something you hang the hanger backwards on the rod.  At the end of one year, you know you have not worn the article of clothing in over a year and therefore, can chuck it!  I choose April Fools Day as my start date since I am foolish to think that I will even fit back into some of the things I 'save'.

On that note, happy stitching all......may your stitches be many and your frogs few and I will return to start sorting the drawers in the closet!


Melissa said...

I love your patriotic stitch. I really wish there was something like that for us Canadians!

Such a neat trick with the hangers too!!! I will have to try that when I'm not sharing with my BF!

butterfly said...

Your stitching peice is lovely.
Great idea about the hangers.

cucki said...

Sweet stitches..I love it.
Happy Monday dear x

Faye said...

I saw that hanger trick on Pinetrest!!!! I hope to start using it this week.... My closet is in much need of an overhaul... Thanks for the reminder..... Nice stitching too btw!

Jeanne said...

I love love love your patriotic piece especially that bunting! It's going to be beautiful when you're finished. Seems I'm always needing to clean out a closet somewhere...I don't have all that many clothes but it seems to get chock-full of other 'stuff' all the time LOL