Sunday, September 8, 2013

Catching up

Like most of you, summer blog posting seems to take a back seat......

Here's a quick catch up...

The pool cover was put on yesterday which always signals the :-( ending to summer.   I did so well dieting this summer and lost 10 lbs. in 8 weeks.   Mr. W. comes home and the lbs. are starting to pile back on!   Rats!  Oh well, it was a crappy summer weather wise with all the rain and I am a lover of the changing of seasons so bring on the fall!

We had a great Labor Day weekend with both my daughters and family and friends to enjoy crabs, corn on the cob,  all the salads, and other fixings.   It is always nice to have my daughter from New England come home for a few days.   Each time she comes home she teaches me something techie I didn't know.   This time she hooked me up with HBO to GO which I didn't even know I had! Duh!   I have been stitching while watching the last three seasons of Boardwalk Empire!   My sister had told me about the show a few years ago and it reminds us of our dad.  He ran away from home in Pittsburgh PA at 17 and landed in Atlantic City in 1925 and as the story goes, was a numbers runner for a few years!

I have been concentrating my stitching on my class piece to be done before my September guild meeting.   I am close.  I have until Thursday so I am pretty positive I can do it.  Just need to complete the red on the bunting and fill in the last 3 motifs and puritan blue triangles above the bunting.   I hope to post a completed final reveal next weekend and more pix and info will definitely follow when I am finished.

The non-profit board I sit on has changed their mission statement and will be taking a new direction the first of January.  Lots to do during the transition including preparing for a yard a sale of 25 years of stage props and costumes and stuff.

Going house shopping today!  OMGosh    I have been ready to downsize for quite a while.  I am ready to be done with maintaining a yard, gardens (I created!!) and house.   We have an entire second floor we don't use now that the kids are gone.  I want to simplify!  Our first home was 60 years old when we moved in and my current home now is 57 years old.  It would be nice to have everything new.  Mr. W. (up until 3 days ago) was only going to move out of this house feet first.   I even have him considering a move to LSD aka Lower Slower Delaware near the beach.   *Heaven*  I don't know what changed.   A mention of moving into a 55+ community, looking at websites and floor plans and I am off  today to an informational meeting and tour.   Perhaps it was the thought of  him getting a golf cart to cruise a new neighborhood that swayed him.   I am sure any move will is four or five years away (not until retirement) but it is something to look forward to and gives time to de-clutter and empty the closets.

Here's the furry guy I hope to see today.
I have been trying to adopt a kitten/cat but have not been successful.   I went to the local shelter and was deemed not a good candidate!   Mr. W. met me at the door one evening and said the SPCA had left a message.   Before he gave me their message, he asked, "What exactly did you say on the application".......Me - "I told the truth and I listed all the cats we have ever had"....seems honesty is not the best quality..... Let's just say that cats  I have had have never had the named "Lucky!".   Seven cats in 38 years did not bode well for me as a good home provider.   So today, I hope to visit the friend of a friend to get a new cat.   


cucki said...

Sweet stitching
Hugs x

butterfly said...

Lovely stitching, and well done on your diet .
Autumn is almost here.

Chris said...

Lots of excitement! A new home, a new sweet cat... that is crazy about the ASPCA.
Your stitching is looking great.
Have a great week!

Anna van Schurman said...

My father said he'd never move to Fla. and now he hates to leave it. Their 55+ community in Maine is like college without the studying. They have such a social life. Good luck!

Julie M said...

Well I for one am sorry to see the pool cover go on. So not ready for winter in the heartland especially since they are predicting and early bitterly cold one!

Love the stitching!

Sorry you aren't a suitable cat owner! Sometimes ya gotta wonder. HOpe the friend of a friend is able to help you out.

Catherine said...

Great catchup post!!