Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Post Halloween Update

Things got a little overwhelming last week - 40 hours logged at work before noon on Thursday/may need to reassess that retirement timeline of 67 months to something less! - so I didn't get to post these finishes.    At this rate, I may never get back to Grace Mason!

This actually turned out as I envisioned.   Most often the end result is not what I have conjured up in my brain at the beginning but not this time.   Rather than make a mistake, I portioned out the steps to little accomplishments over several nights knowing full well if I pushed myself to get it all the machine work in one evening would have resulted in frogging for sure.
Using curtain clips, I hung this on one of the bars to my scroll frame.
Better get a dowel before next Halloween season!

Doing my own finishing makes me marvel at the beautiful finishes I see others post.   Theirs look flawless; maybe they see their own boo-boos like I see mine.    I am forever in awe of the fabrics, fibers, workmanship and techniques some of you use.    So keep up the good, inspiring work my blogging buddies.

My duct tape pumpkins.   It was hard to decide which duct tape to use.  There are SO may varieties!
Again something I need to go back and finish before next October.
Only had time to zig-zag one leaf to black felt.  

This is just a little quickie I stitched up with linen and floss from my stash.  The Black Cat from Bent Creek.  No cost even for the frame.  I pulled it from my stash o' frames picked up as a $0.50 consignment shop purchase.
I'm seeing a pattern!  Something else I need to complete before
next October.   I literally just pushed this into the frame and
have to go back and lace it properly.

Can you imagine what I would do if I liked purple!

Software conversion at work completed + one boss's office packed and archived after his retirement + another boss back from a conference in Florida  =  hopefully a calmer/normal hour work week.  Happy stitching all.


Catherine said...

Great projects ~ love the duct tape pumpkins!

cucki said...

Aww so sweet..
Big hugs x

Chris said...

Great crafty update! I think that the pumpkins are fabulous.
Your finishing looks great too. Love the little Halloween cat too. I hope this week is easier for you at work!

butterfly said...

Great Halloween stitching and love the purple pumpkins.

DebbieSFL said...

I love the idea of using curtain clips!! I have a package in my desk drawer right now.....

Mylene said...

Beautiful Halloween stitching and oh the pumpkins are so cute!